A Fish Called Wanda

A Fish Called Wanda

A diamond advocate is attempting to steal a collection of diamonds, yet troubles arise when he realizes that he is not the only one after the diamonds.

In London, four very different people team up to commit armed robbery, then try to doublecross each other for the loot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Olaine B (it) wrote: this follow up cgi is amazing

Dutch V (ag) wrote: I won't lie to you, if this movie would have been Steven Seagal kills the zombie horde or even Seagals elite team of badass kills the zombie horde this might well have been my favorite movie. Okay maybe I'm exaggerating, but I would have absolutely loved it, let's put it that way. However it followed a bunch of random survivors that I really don't care about and then it cuts back teasing me with Seagal's team in which he does very little. When he does it is very enjoyable. Otherwise there is nothing good about this movie.

Ogden I (gb) wrote: artsy and different. not exactly what i expected but did blow my mind in the end. a must see for all those who think we do not have free will

Christopher H (gb) wrote: Sexual repression in the 1860s is not a subject matter often discussed, but in Charlie Stratton's adaptation of mile Zola's scandalous novel "Thrse Raquin" (1867) titled "In Secret", this tale is given a shot of rejuvenation thanks to its young and aspiring cast. Elizabeth Olsen is enough reason to view any film these days, with an impressive control over her deliveries and a look that allows her into almost any role. The fact that she has just surfaced as a viable actress (seeing as her sisters were childhood actresses) is astonishing to me and leads me to believe her best performances lie ahead. Playing the title character, Thrse, whose father drops her off with her aunt Madame Raquin (Academy Award nominated Jessica Lange) at a very young age. As they grow older, the assumption that Thrse will marry her first cousin, Camille ("Harry Potter" star Tom Felton) grows stronger, but his sickness and general lack of interest in the female sex leaves Thrse wanting more, a hyper-sexual type that is found masturbating in a field to a shirtless man early on in the film.When they move to the city and meet Camille's childhood friend, Laurent ("Inside Llewyn Davis" lead Oscar Isaac), Thrse's sexuality blossoms, pining for the suave artist whose words alone carry her to the brink of orgasm. As one would expect, an affair transpires, eventually leading to the question of what happens next. Does Thrse remain in a loveless, sexless marriage with Camille? Or does she run away with Laurent? What transpires is along the lines of a Shakespearean tragedy, with everyone playing the roles perfectly. Olsen and Isaac have great chemistry, even after their characters shift into darker versions of themselves. Felton continues to play an excellent villainous character while Lange plays the overbearing mother with a fervor she was made for. Clad with spot-on period set design and costumes, the setting looks to step out of a Charles Dickens novel, playing rich and dark on-screen. Continuing the sexual presence in period films following recent releases like "Hysteria", "A Royal Affair", and "A Dangerous Method", there is something so satisfying about seeing these otherwise dignified people from the past experience the same emotional and stimulating responses that occur in this day and age, with little to no change apart from the fallout that happens afterward.

Nicky B (mx) wrote: Down in The Valley What a great film...very layered and subtle. It is beautifully shot and the four main characters are original and yet painfully familiar in their alienation, anger .

Christian M (jp) wrote: This film felt really bland and the animation isn't very pleasent it's not bad but i reccomend staying away from this film

Tea Teresa H (us) wrote: I didn't think I'd like this movie at first but it was quirky and funny.

Michael D (gb) wrote: A star studded cast and an interesting story.

Miguel R (mx) wrote: Sudden Impact was an overall fair attempt in creating a brutal and entertaining sequel, but wasn't at all great compared to the previous films due to the lack of crafting a clever plot

Jack G (br) wrote: Sidney Lumet's funniest movie and Christopher Reeve shows he can act outside of Superman (nothing else has shown he he's any good). It also has a 'Holy Shit' midway twist, and it only gets better.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: The dinosaurs are actually just (obviously) lizards.

Darren R (de) wrote: It's a bit fascinating just how terrible this movie can be at times. The older character actors are horribly cheesy and gimmicky, but the younger ones tends to be a lot more natural. Worst of all is John Wayne himself, whose range is strictly limited to the foolishly determined cattle driver. Whenever forced to play the father figure or the lover, however, he is dreadful. Like many of the older actors, he spits out his lines (usually sounding like a first take) and walks from marker to marker as if rehearsing. The inter-titles are completely pointless since the dialogue is awkwardly expository anyway. There are a few good shots in the film, but I got really tired of looking at the same ridge. They probably shouldn't have picked so distinct of a ridge to have in the background of so many of their shots. Lastly, the music is your standard migraine-inducing melodramatic droning that was so popular in most films at the time.Oh, right, but I did like the movie, I should mention that. Montgomery Clift steals the movie. The plot is actually pretty interesting, but there just isn't much to say other than Clift is good. So there.