A Five Star Life

A Five Star Life

Single and middle-aged, beautiful Irene (Margarita Buy) is wholly devoted to her job as an inspector of luxury hotels. Constantly on the road, she indulges in expensive pleasures at impeccable resorts, but always incognito and alone, soon escaping to the next exotic destination with her checklist and laptop in tow. When her best friend and ex, Andrea (Stefano Accorsi), who has always been a source of emotional support, suddenly becomes unavailable, Irene is thrown into a deep existential crisis. "Luxury is a form of deceit," she is told by a fellow traveller in the fog of a steam room, and thus begins Irene's quest to bring more meaning into her life.

Forty-something Irene had a dream job that made her life easy: she was indeed a luxury hotel inspector and her work got carried out in a wonderful ever-renewed setting, from Paris to Gstaad... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angela H (mx) wrote: Great performance by Ritter and Sandvig.

Robert G (it) wrote: Unfunny, cliche', and extremely boring.

Timm S (nl) wrote: Hrmm...nah, Not So Good. The Beginning Is Certainly A Good Attention Grabber, The Rest Just Slowly Fades Away In A Big Fat Morass Of WTF.

Tuomo T (ag) wrote: Ihan mielenkiintoinen toimintaleffa Soi Cheangilta.

Alex V (de) wrote: Tony Kaye's talkin' bout the issues! Issues other than the ones he touched on about a decade ago, involving a certain Oscar-nominated curb-stomping skinhead. He uses very similar stark, black-and-white imagery here for a twofold purpose: to demonstrate the illusion that abortion is a black and white issue, when it fact it is a series of layered gray areas. It is also used as a layer of grit spread on top of the film, to make the often shocking imagery seem almost more real. This is not stacked on either side of the heated abortion argument. Instead, it shows both extremes at the barest and ugliest. Kaye juxtaposes images and scenes of real-life abortions with those of the OB-GYNs who were murdered by extreme pro-life advocates. Both are equally horrific to behold. What's most shocking is how timely the whole thing feels, despite the fact that Kaye filmed most of his footage over a decade ago. It's chilling, eye-opening, and brutally educational, albeit quite long.

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Amary F (kr) wrote: A very interesting depiction of the Harlem Renaiscance. There were distinct messages to a magic time where Black culture would flourish, and it could very well give strong messages to the world today! Very educative too.

Levi L (au) wrote: Only thing I remember about this movie is... "You need a job." "A blowjob?" "No, for money!" "I'll pay!"

Miles S (mx) wrote: Its not the best and not the worst.

Lee H (fr) wrote: This is one fantastic war movie for its realism, depth, and acting. Mel Gibson excels in another role of rough edged tough leader with a soft side and religious aspect. Some neat symbolism and occasionally outstanding cinematography accent this great film.