A Fly in the Ashes

A Fly in the Ashes


Dos jóvenes son llevadas mediante engaños a un prostíbulo de Buenos Aires en el que tendrán una mirada interna del mundo de la trata de blancas. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sanity Assassin (ag) wrote: much better than the 3rd installment, this has a stronger story, some slightly better acting and even the effects arent too shabby. dominic keating who's also in the latest series of star trek plays an interesting character. also has some tense moments in it which the 3rd lacked

Neil (de) wrote: This movie should be seen by anyone who loves the spirit of the outdoors and the adventures it holds for us all.

Cynthia S (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed this film. It shows love in all of it's real forms....love between brothers, husband and wife, mother and daughter, and true adolescent love. The good love, the bad, and well..even the ugly. I guess like other viewers, I wasn't expecting much, but I've been left with a great appreciation for this film, and everyone that was involved in making it.

Shi Y (jp) wrote: another romantic comedy..

Marko S (es) wrote: I tried to give this movie a chance. Being of a Serbian background that was difficult. This movie is sickly one sided. I had a very difficult time watching it from start to finish. I would recommend a less bias movie like "No Man's Land" or "Pretty Village Pretty Flame"

Indira S (es) wrote: beautiful story line :)

Andrew M (gb) wrote: "why are we doin so much running, aren't we gonna be in cars?"Pretty entertaining flick, nothing special, but Slater plays a good bad-ass wannabe cop, and the supporting cast does thier job. Worth a watch, nothing more.

Marquita M (ag) wrote: I haven't seen this in over twenty years... I need another fix of this funny, sad, smart film.

amy (au) wrote: awesome!!! this movie rocks. gives me the chill during some of the dance scenes

Adam B (jp) wrote: Quite a slow burner this one. It starts very slowly with a plague victim infecting a trainload of passengers on their way through Switzerland. Cue onboard doctor Richard Harris who becomes the only person to help the fated passengers. Beutifully shot and directed, The Cassandra Crossing is a bit of a lost classic. You could easily dismiss it as just another 70's disaster movie with an eclectic cast like Meteor or The Poseidon Adventure, but its much more than that. Yes its got the strange guest cast (OJ and Martin Sheen?) but it also has adecent storyline. The final 10 minutes are quite shocking as well if you're not quite ready for it, because when the train goes over the bridge into the ravine, bodies are dismembered and people are crushed in quite a brutal fashion. The sight of bodies floating in the river is also quite gruesome if you're not quite ready for it!

Chris H (au) wrote: One of the worst films I've ever seen that's totally funny because it's completely bad from top to bottom. It's incredible how one simple plotpoint from this film was taken (Gamera protects children) and turned into the successful 90s Gamera trilogy.A really fun movie to watch with friends and die laughing.

Jeffrey K (ru) wrote: There's a bit too many plotlines going on here

Scott R (mx) wrote: Went and visited the marina and had to see the movie afterwards. It could have been worse.

Phil H (jp) wrote: So apart from 'Angel Town' this was Oliver Gruner's other best known vehicle, probably one of director Pyun's best known films also. The plot is again about androids in human form and borrows heavily from many many other sci-fi films most probably the Terminator franchise.Despite the fact this is a low budget sci-fi action flick the plot is so darn twisty. Basically its all about a cop who is part machine (body enhancements), trying to track down and stop rebel freedom fighters. These rebels are figthing against the government that are allowing a new type of android to take over which is duplicating or replacing people, or something like that.Of course Gruner's half android character realises what is happening and changes sides to battle against the evil government assassins. These assassins are led by the wonderful low budget sci-fi master Tim Thomerson and bad guy regular Brion James, both of which give brilliantly hammy performances.To be honest the plot is messy and confusing, so many characters and names flying about its easy to get lost at times. That aside the action is actually pretty good throughout the film with some really impressive set pieces and stunt work. Its not original by any means but there are some great camera angles, cool weaponry, plenty of squib action all coupled with a low budget visual appearance which gives that gritty and realistic look.I must also give kudos to the neat android effects, the odd moment when someone gets blasted and we see their robotic interior. You'd think it would look terrible but its actually quite good, not stunning but very acceptable if completely unoriginal. The finale fight sequence against a mechanical endoskeleton kinda reminds you of something.Impressive cast of character actors too I might add, Pyun always manages to get good B-list stars. I gotta admit I do like the visuals in this film, that kind of slightly colourless/washed out, cyber punk, wasteland set dystopian future. The action is way over the top but fun whilst Gruner looks good and does fit into this world perfectly.

Dan F (jp) wrote: Passable, but pales next to Michael Mann's classic Manhunter- the previous adaptation of this Harris novel.

Jonathan C (fr) wrote: I haven't watched a lot of silent films, but this ode to an art long gone was absolutely charming. Who would have thought no voices could be so fun.

Tom H (nl) wrote: Simple and unmemorable. good acting but poorly scripted and directed. but despite this films flaws and failures i found it to be ok in the end.