A Fork in the Road

A Fork in the Road

Will, an escaped convict, inadvertently takes refuge in a barn the same night the owners, April and Martin, get into a terrible fight. A gun shot goes off inside the house. April drags ...

Will is a convict finds all ways to escape from the police. He uncovers suddenly that he involves a dangerous game of hide the dead body which can make him to be in prison forever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rameshwar I (mx) wrote: A provocative idea - agreed (though not the most creative or innovative). But the director absolutely had NO idea what to do with it !! Not even functional as a generic action movie,

Mahesh P (gb) wrote: Easily one of the best movies I have ever seen and extremely touching. Anyone can relate to Karthik in this movie, searching for anwers in one's life and feeling like the whole world is on top of you. Story is great and the acting by Farhan and Deepika is phenomenal. Both of them get better with every single project they attempt, especially Farhan, a born director recently turned actor. Even the actors with extremely small roles acted their parts to a T. The songs in this movie were amazing. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have created a masterpiece with this soundtrack. Songs like Jaane Ye Kya Hua, Hey Ya, and Uff Teri Ada will be on top of the charts for years to come. The overall flow of the movie impressed me incredibly, as it moves smoothly the entire time. This movie could have been so much worse, but Vijay Lalwani proved in his first production that he can handle an immense challenge. What impressed me the most was the hidden internal symbolism of the rubik's cube, which in my opinon was a touch of genius. I interpreted that the cube represents stages of Karthik's life, as when he is unstable and searching for answers, the cube is unfinished, but when he finally reaches peace in his mind, the cube is shown solved. I cannot even fathom how incorperating such symbolism into such a complicated script is possible. Lalwani has promise beyond directors such as Tarun Mankusuhani and, of course, Farhan Aktar. Not a single flaw in this movie, as every scene and every diologue was handled with professionalism and every word contributed it's own effect to the movie as a whole. Definitely worth seeing, and in my opinon, this production will be remembered for a very long time.

Kimberly B (de) wrote: more insightful than I was expecting...(and yes I am "just" watching this...)

Kim M (de) wrote: The best crime/drug movie EVAR! Two thumbs up!!! There is no movie that compares to this!!! Wow!

Mel V (mx) wrote: Pretty darn cool "what if" scenario to what we would find on an Earth-like planet, Darwin IV. Everything in the film that has to do with the travel and the planet itself is made with awesome CGI, and features "real interviews" with scientists who are working on the actual project, but who were asked to act as if the project were already under-way and successful. It's really cool. 9.5/10, great fun.

Tushar K (kr) wrote: concept should have been made a better use of....but worth a watch.

George P (mx) wrote: Who needs a plot when you have Dolph? He does what it says on the cover and kills. He kills loads of people and they don't know whats going on so he kills some more before getting down to some more killing

Sarah G (gb) wrote: I only saw it because it had a solar car in it. Probably fine for kids, but there are better movies out there.

Chris G (ca) wrote: People are never happy with where they are. You can always do more, even if you think you have what you want. It's never enough when you get there. For Wayne "Mad Dog" Dobie (Robert De Niro) the thought of a good retirement and health care as a police forensic photography, but he craves to be an artist. He craves to have a girl. He craves to be a tough man, the American ideal like John Wayne. One night he stops by a convenience store and in his own way saves Frank Milo (Bill Murray) from a robber. Frank wants to re-pay Mad Dog for saving him so he gives him a girl named Glory (Uma Thurman) for a week of... whatever. It's in that week that Mad Dog takes to first steps to be the person he wants to be, the problem is that when the weeks up Frank, who happens to be a mobster, wants Glory back to work off the rest of the tab she owes him. There's some weird casting in this. De Niro is the quiet, sky photographer while Bill Murray is the crime lord. It's different and it works. The pair play off each other in a way that is mesmerizing on screen. Bill Murray goes beyond his usual schtick and allows a peak at a dark demon that underlies his character who also spends time as a Mafia stand up comic. This film is one of Uma Thurman's greatest performances, balancing out a naive girl who has learned some street smarts since being under Franks thumb.Frank tells Mad Dog when they meet that he had the ability to fulfill his dreams and that's basically what the film shows in a warped sort of path. Mad Dog and Glory is a great movie with some classic performances that may have been forgotten over the years. It's a lost gem of the early 1990's.

Sheridan S (de) wrote: I read the book before watching this movie with praise from other people saying that the movie was good, I had unintentionally set myself up for disappointment. The thing I dislike the most about when they convert books into movies is that they tend to take lots of parts of the story out and add their own twist to it. Sometimes they succeed doing that with flying colours but in this case, not so much. It felt to me like a very rushed movie and I didn't like how they didn't make Lily Collins and Sam Claflin look older and mature as they grew up.... I don't know how it was possible but they made them look even younger. Over all they could of made it much better.