A Friend of Mine

A Friend of Mine

An introverted insurance executive at a car rental service is annoyed by his hyperactive, garrulous coworker, but the two end up becoming friends.

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A Friend of Mine torrent reviews

Amanda H (ru) wrote: I'm a sucker for anything related to the paranormal and usually I love these kind of movies, even when they're bad. Unfortunately this one is just too bad to enjoy. The acting is absolutely atrocious, the effects aren't much better, and there's zero originality. I was very disappointed.

jake s (kr) wrote: great for car lovers

Biss H (jp) wrote: An amazing movie about making the impossible possible, through hope, hope for LOVE and PEACE... I recommend it for everyone... Peace my friends... Shalom/Salam...

Bilal S (mx) wrote: Stupid funny comedy. Nice to wahtch it at home when you dont have anything else to do!

Chint (it) wrote: Nothing special to this movie !!!

Carl N (au) wrote: This is one nasty little film. Ok so the plot is your benchmark campers run into a homicidal backwards hick in the middle of know where. To be honest I did start to find myself getting bored with all the mindless dialogue that I had to sit through for half the film. But by the time the final act kicks off, all hell breaks loose and it turns into one of the most brutal and sadistic torture sickies I have ever watched. The gore factor is amazing and the torture scenes are very disturbing .One scene in particular will have the male viewers sitting rather uncomfortably. It was refreshing to see some creative death scenes that haven't been seen hundreds of time before. Yes this is a low budget film and the plot is nothing new. Yes it's a little over long and at times tedious. But I guarantee that you soon forget all these minor quibbles because it is one hell of a gorefest. This is absolutely not for the Squeamish.

John S (au) wrote: This looked kind of funny.

Gen Z (de) wrote: Something different! Plus there's Simon?!

Mike M (gb) wrote: Stop some movies don't require sequals

Benjamin D (es) wrote: Stacy Keach nails it

Alyan H (es) wrote: a true classic, with love and heart

Kim B (de) wrote: I will watch anything with Shia Labeouf in it.

Kyle G (fr) wrote: Only critique I can come up with is that Colin Farrell's real accent sneaks out every now and then. Other then that I thought it was a great move. Even for those that don't like war movies this is worth watching