A Fugitive from the Past

A Fugitive from the Past

Three robbers escape with loot from a heist before one of them shoots them; their corpses wash up near the aftermath of a maritime calamity, provoking a policeman's interest.

Three robbers escape with loot from a heist before one of them shoots them; their corpses wash up near the aftermath of a maritime calamity, provoking a policeman's interest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren M (it) wrote: One of the worst films ever made. The only way of making it any worse would have been to cast Danny Dyer.

Demi G (nl) wrote: Please, PLEASE STOP. Stop letting Micheal bay destroy Transformers and TMNT movies.

Emma C (fr) wrote: Harrowing but really good, if you like this type of thing...which I do :)

Brian C (nl) wrote: Boring and plodding. War of the Dead has a neat concept and is full of ideas that sadly, go nowhere. For a zombie movie, it is surprisingly lacking in gore and actual tension that a zombie movie should bring.Acting is ok, but nothing remarkable. Most of the movie is too dark to see effectively what is going on.And guns never run out of ammo.

Simon S (mx) wrote: I hate this movie even if i did NOT see it at all!!!!!!This movie is nothing but gruesome s***!!!!This movie is suppossed to be disaster!!!!The part in the begging sucked,this guy intestints come off his stomach so gross!!!!!This is the worst movie ever!!!!!!

Naughtia N (nl) wrote: I liked the songs and I especially liked the scene with the bulldog skateboarding, hehe. This was an ok movie about 2 aspiring artist trying to make it in the entertainment industry.

Steven W (ag) wrote: I don't know why adults are reviewing a film aimed at children, and calling it terrible. If you're an adult then you're obviously not going to enjoy a childrens film are you? I was 8 when I seen this film and I absolutely loved it.

Mark H (ru) wrote: Ridley Scott takes the swords 'n sandals epics and adds a dash of brutality and realism to it, compared to earlier Roman empire films like Fall of The Roman Empire and Ben Hur, which were more theatrical. Joaquin Phoenix should have won the oscar for his performance, but lost to Benicio Del Toro for 'Traffic'.

Will D (ag) wrote: The structure of the conversation is like nothing I've ever seen before. The line between dream and reality is very much obscured throughout, and the characters often communicate in a way rarely achieved in real life. They say what they really think, rather than what they think they are obliged to say. Thereby, it's a film which touches a raw nerve everyone has.

Michael P (ca) wrote: How many of us have really seen this piece of '80's shit...I MEAN REALLY? It's horrible,but I love Caroline Munro and Jess Franco. We all have our faults...

Anthony G (ca) wrote: A "wonderful" drama that proves beyond a doubt what a great actor David Bowie could be. Makes me cry every time - recommended.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: Probably my least favorite Allen film. However, with competition like "Annie Hall", who could blame it?

Harry W (us) wrote: As Return of the Magnificent Seven was a large disappointment, I had no positive expectations for Guns of the Magnificent Seven. I simply watched it because it was there. As Guns of the Magnificent Seven even lacks the presence of actor Yul Brynner from the preceding two films in the series, it shows that the series has sunk to a certain point where it is bereft of nearly anything that made The Magnificent Seven a good film, taking only its famous name and Academy Award nominated music in a desperate attempt to appeal to the most die hard fans of the first film. While it does add George Kennedy to the cast a mere two years after he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his performance in the prison drama film Cool Hand Luke, the damage is already done.Guns of the Magnificent Seven is a mild improvement over its predecessor, and George Kennedy is one of the key reasons for that. While most of the cast in Guns of the Magnificent Seven are forgettable, the presence of George Kennedy is enjoyable. Thanks to his iconic voice and his easy way to step into the heroic role of Chris Adams, George Kennedy makes a strong cowboy hero for Guns of the Magnificent Seven and he puts up a good fight as a weapon toting gunfighter. George Kennedy steps into the role essentially as well as Yul Brynner did because he puts the same kind of charisma and gritty edge to his words into the role. The only reason that George Kennedy doesn't triumph Yul Brynner is because he did not originate the character and is relied on too much in the film, as well as the fact that the material presented to him is obviously crap, so he doesn?t have all that much to work with. But for what it's worth, he does more than Guns of the Magnificent Seven really deserves and therefore makes the film slightly better, although not really enough to call it entertainment.And the other entertaining aspects of Guns of the Magnificent Seven are the fact that although it uses a recycled musical score, the music in Guns of the Magnificent Seven is appealing enough to capture the atmosphere of the story and the scale of the film. And its visual aspects are decent as well because the scenery is greatly convincing in capturing the convincing nature of the west while the cinematography gets the feel of it all just right. Plus the costumes make everything feel a little bit more believable.And the action is quite entertaining. The cinematography captures the action scenes really well and it is all strongly edited, as well as maintaining strong editing of firm sound effects and a good use of the musical score. And the quantity of action is decent as well as it takes a step up from its predecessor Return of the Magnificent Seven and ties more into its running time of 105 minutes so that there is a better balance between the random dramatic themes and climactic action moments. Guns of the Magnificent Seven is certainly entertaining during its action scenes, and if the film was solely focused on them and George Kennedy then it could have been a much greater film than it was.But still, Guns of the Magnificent Seven collapses under the weight of its negative qualities, essentially the same negative qualities that come from every other generic western film.Among the few reasons that Guns of the Magnificent Seven transcend the quality of its predecessor are the fact that its story is not a desperate rehash of its predecessor. As the series has lost all of its importance and cultural relevance and merely sunk into being a generic series of western films, Guns of the Magnificent Seven is the first in the series to attempt to stand its own ground, although it really should not have the name of the series. Unfortunately, it cannot stand because it is nothing but another formulaic western entry into the series. Although thanks to the theme of the action and the fact that the movie was filmed in Spain it can be characterised as a spaghetti western, it isn't easy to characterise it as a good one.Like its predecessor, the story is not compelling. It doesn't attempt to desperately copy the first film in The Magnificent Seven series, but doesn't make an effort to be original either. The story does borrow elements from the preceding two films lightly, but it doesn't make an effort to have a compelling story at its grip so it is hard to really find yourself enjoying a film like Guns of the Magnificent Seven. Only fans of the most simplistic and generic western films are likely to enjoy Guns of the Magnificent Seven because its generic cowboy characters and basic plot give it nothing to allow it to stand out from a crowd. I didn't hate the film or find it that annoying, but I certainly found it to be a boring film because of its repetitive nature and lack of surprises. You can't expect surprises from Guns of the Magnificent Seven, but if you know what constitutes a formulaic western film then you should be able to expect everything else. Guns of the Magnificent Seven fails to transcend the generic western roots it is trapped within, and so audiences entertainment value will occur as such, but Guns of the Magnificent Seven is certainly not a western film that I would find myself recommending to anybody except for the strongest George Kennedy fans.So Guns of the Magnificent Seven is an improvement over its predecessor due to a higher quantity of decent action scenes and the presence of George Kennedy in the lead role, but aside from that Guns of the Magnificent Seven is simply another generic entry into the series without a great plot or enough entertainment value to truly be a good viewing experience.

Sylvester K (au) wrote: I can't believe they made a sequel out of the Z movie The Amazing Colossal Beast. In the sequel, the team went to Mexico to try to stop the Colossal Beast, some rip off from King Kong ensured. It's sort of entertaining in its silly ways, the story was thin as ice.

Norm d (gb) wrote: ~ Liked it !! Cute, movie cotton-candy. ~ Brett Ratner casts nicely. (See James (Jaime) King's cameo in one of the first scenes!) ~ A fun send-up of "Clueless" meets "Assassin" (2015) meets "Mean Girls." Not John Hughes nor Amy Heckerling (IMDb them), but another entertaining ride thru herky-quirky high school!

Logan M (jp) wrote: Tasteless toilet humor passed off as a light-hearted family comedy.

Keenan S (ag) wrote: Slap Shot is a cheerfully vulgar, very politically-incorrect, very violent, and downright hilarious comedy about hockey and our love of violence. It's a refreshing comedy that is not pretentious, is very intelligent despite its brutish exterior, and just does not give a fuck if it offends the viewer. This is a great example of how you do a raunchy and politically-incorrect comedy.The plot follows a coach named Reggie Dunlop and his terrible hockey team. In the wake of so many losses, poor treatment by the team's owner, and people constantly telling them how awful they are, it is devised that instead of playing hockey by the rules, the best way to attract fans and to win was to become a squad of goons who play dirty by beating the shit out of other players, trash-talking, and outright not giving a fuck what they do.This film does not play dress up with its violence. It doesn't try to make an elaborate point about violence, it states it in a matter-of-fact way by showing human nature and our love for violence, especially in sports. We love the brutality and only really follow such sports if there is carnage. However, rather than do so in a dreary, dramatic fashion, the film expresses its point through mean-spirited and politically-incorrect humor that doesn't hold back one bit. Though mean-spirited in tone, the film is absolutely hilarious and still expresses its point brilliantly. The film even throws a tidbit in the end about how we as humans love violence and yet are horrified by something sexual (Though said sexual bit is done so peacefully and tastefully).However, overall, Slap Shot succeeds at what it intends to be: a brilliant sports comedy that it is not to be missed by anyone who loves a good comedy, or especially a comedy that makes a lot of good points even through a gruff and mean exterior. I had a blast with this film and I highly recommend it.

Daniel P (jp) wrote: With impeccable animation, intelligent writing, brilliant satire, a touching story, and plenty of fun and hilarity, everything about The Lego Movie is awesome.

April T (es) wrote: love horrors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!