A Funny Man

A Funny Man

Opening in the seductive style of the sixties, »A Funny Man« uncovers the perennial loneliness that comedian Dirch Passer (Nikolaj Lie Kaas) has found himself in after a fast-tracked rise to fame. He struggles between his own desire to gain critical respect and servicing the audience¿s needs. Costing his kindred friendship to on-stage partner Kjeld Petersen (Lars Ranthe) Dirch takes on Steinbeck's classic »Of Mice and Men«, only for the audience to break out in laughter at his first line. Dirch's Lennie becomes a running joke, and so has, Dirch believes, his own life.

A biography of the Danish actor and comedian, Dirch Passer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom G (nl) wrote: Not terrible but definitely not his best

Kayla P (nl) wrote: Save yourself and do not not not watch this movie. I'm not even going to begin to explain the problems with it. Just, no.

Michael G (mx) wrote: If you grab a ton of hotdogs, sand,dirt,vomit,Mr.Clean,Pizza,tuna the put it in a blender I would not drink it but if it was that or this movie it would be the drink.

XxFatimaXx (ag) wrote: uNBELIEVEABLY HORRIFIC!

Liam C (nl) wrote: I remember looking at the title image for this film and even though it's bright and dazzling, I always felt like there was a hint of despair and sadness behind it, just from the angle of it and that fact that it's surrounded by nothing but darkness, showing the hollow and cruel other side to the business. Coupled with the way the trailer was shot and what the film is actually about, I feel like what I've said about the title fits perfectly, and the fact that it is semi-autobiographical makes it all the more compelling and shocking. Honestly, the only part I feel that makes it 'semi-autobiographical' are the last few seconds. 'All That Jazz' is such a fantastic experience. This is a very brave film and it's such a brilliant achievement, it's so unique and once more, Fosse makes something hugely influential, his direction in this film was perfect, he was a man who knew his craft well. It had an awesome introduction and it was so fast, the film feels fully alive and, much like our main character, it just kept going. Like other Fosse works, the film is funny but in a very dark and cynical sense, the characters are very well written and the acting is perfect, Roy Scheider is perfect in the film and fully jumps into character, you truly believe the way his character ends up as the film goes on. Unbelievable to think that he wasn't nominated for an Oscar more times than he was, it's a shame. It is also smartly filmed and excellently edited, even though in just one or two scenes it seemed like it cut so quick that I couldn't understand what a character said or it seemed like they were cut off. Perhaps it was only done these few times on purpose as these were the only times I noticed and the editing did win an Oscar; although, it's funny, when films that have won an Oscar for editing I always seem to find an issue with it somewhere. Joe mentions Kubrick at one time but this film did have a very Kubrick-esqe feel to it, the use of music playing in the background throughout an entire scene but having it compliment it as opposed to being a song used for a particular moment felt like something from a Kubrick film. There were a couple points in the film where it was a simple lullaby-sounding song and given what Joe was going through at that time, made it extra saddening. We see him editing 'Lenny' throughout the film but I thought it'd be funny if it was Dustin Hoffman we saw in that footage, but it was the original actor who played Lenny in the show but not in the film, but at least everything worked out, sort of. Although, Hoffman didn't mention Roy in his speech, when he was mentioning all the other nominees, oddly; but perhaps he forgot. It felt a little bit forced that the film deals with the death-obsessed character and he just so happened to be editing something where a character kept talking about death and it kept playing whenever something was going wrong. There isn't much you can do about that given the circumstances and what he was editing so it can't be called a coincidence. I was a little confused at first as one of the 'fake' performances happens at the start for a little bit but nothing like that happened again, but that is until the excellent ending. I'm honestly quite surprised by what happened after an hour in this film, I had no idea what would happen next, the film was already dark but the way this film concludes it's like it was laughing into the abyss, whilst also being hugely sad. Fosse's films usually end rather suddenly but each film seems to end more suddenly than the last, this film slaps you in the fast so fast and then just ends that you are just in total shock by what just happened. Once more, Bob Fosse makes a hugely entertaining, deep, funny, cynical and influential film, it's such a shame he only managed to make a handful of films but as this film shows, he was always busy but he did pretty well for himself with his films. This film probably should have won more Oscars, but as should many more films of 1979. 'All That Jazz' is a perfect film, with excellent performances, a perfect tone, excellent musical numbers and just embraces itself so much.

Humberto F (gb) wrote: Atypical Western is filled with mood and crackling dialogue that keeps you coming back for another listen. Bronson leads a list of Western stalwarts in a spooky hunt for the titular white buffalo (designed by Carlo Rambaldi) that is part Western, part horror movie, with some potent psychological undertones. Bronson turns in a stellar turn as the driven Wild Bill Hickok, with able support from Jack Warden. John Barry's score adds plenty of atmosphere. The movie's weird mystical vibe may turn off most general Western fans, but for those looking for a little something different, this movie is worth checking out.

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Danish cheap budget horror - taking the Godzilla/Blob movies as its inspiration but this is seriously bad. It is funny, however not for the reasons it wants to be

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