A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A wily slave must unite a virgin courtesan and his young smitten master to earn his freedom.

The film follows the laziest slave - Pseudolus who is eager to free. One day, when his mistress leaves for the day, he uncovers that his young master falls for a virgin girl living in the house of Lycus. He organizes a conspiracy to attain his goal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum torrent reviews

Jim H (ca) wrote: Two chocolatiers, both of whom are paralyzed by emotional attachment, fall in love.This film is positively delightful. It's true that I'm a sucker for stories about awkward people falling in love, but I think the film is universal. Even the broadly comic bits, like Angelique encouraging herself as she walks to the door of the chocolate shop and continues encouraging herself as she about-faces or the musical number, are well-executed. Benoit Poelvoorde and Isabell Carre are funny and effective, and the plot unfolds smoothly -- at less than an hour and a half, there's no wasted time here.As with any romantic comedy, this film had more than its fair share of "must-happens," obvious to only the most discerning viewer.Overall, I had fun watching this film.

Kaspars K (ag) wrote: uii, bik sausmiga un negaditi beidzas :) nu labi nebeidzas jo veel ir otraa dala.

Christian H (ca) wrote: The best musical since--well, Saura's Tango ten years ago. You don't need to know anything about fados (a traditional popular song from Portugal) to appreciate the longing and passion of the singers, the talent of the accompanying musicians, the mastery of the dancers, and above all, the cinematic genius of Saura. Through simple lighting, projection, and camera movement, he creates a poetry of the screen which parallels or complements the profundity of this deceptively simple-sounding music. Young folks may find filming an entire song in one camera shot boring, but in so doing for some of the numbers, Saura focuses your attention on the singer and the music. I'm going to go back and watch this again tomorrow night, that's how much I loved this movie.

Sarah M (us) wrote: Beautiful film, beautifully acted.

Thomas B (ag) wrote: Grade - AFunny, heartfelt, but most of all realistic, 'Almost Famous' marks a career best for Cameron Crowe, who gives us an emotionally resonant story about love, friendship, and music.

P D (fr) wrote: Entertaining movie, with great casting and acting. I liked it precisely for the reason Ebert gave it only two stars for confusing symbolism. The symbols are dropped like breadcrumbs throughout the movie making it more interesting and keep the audience guessing till the end. It's a cinematic fairy tale, with all the standard-issue fairy tale components - food, animals, death, a precocious little girl, and a smidgen of magic. The movie paints a grim picture of the loathsome upper-middle class, but in the end, as in many fairy tales - no one is completely innocent.

Brian S (ru) wrote: Without a doubt, one of the best sequels ever to be made, and one that also outdoes the first film. It brings some new stuff, and is full of exciting and very impressive action sequences, especially for the time. The cast is all very cool, and, no matter how kick ass Rambo or Machete may be, I think it's clear to say, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the best and most iconic of them. Everything about this movie is great, and it's even a little dramatic. One of my favorite movies. Definitly recommended !!

Lisa A (ag) wrote: This is one of the best 80s teen comedies out there!!! Although a little corny, is plain fun entertainment from start to finish with interesting characters, an adorable/sexy vampire lead, and catchy storyline/with totally awesome soundtrack soooooooooo 80s!! I could watch this movie over and over, it should get a decent DVD release!!! I'd recommend this one to anyone still loving thoes cool retro teen flicks!!! This movie has my vote, an instant classic all the way!!!

JayKumar B (fr) wrote: a film that proves why is Smita Patil's stature considered so grand till date

Chris D (fr) wrote: perfect for girls age 4 to 6.

John R (br) wrote: Nick and Nora are great together, but this plot is weak, even by past standards.

Sylvester E (ca) wrote: If you guys haven't seen, Brother Orchid...You really need too. It's a film that I know you guys will enjoy!!!!

Conrad T (us) wrote: Demmi Moore was the fallen angel. Poor thingy. Dont think Cameron Diaz could be Charlie's Angel now. The ending was rather childish though.

Ryan A (mx) wrote: Not bad but not very good

Ming Siu G (ru) wrote: The great cast makes it almost bearable, but the plot just makes no logical sense. I almost laughed out loud at some extremely inappropriate points.

David D (jp) wrote: Despite the poor reviews, I really loved this film. Perhaps I identified with the characters but found it to be a charming well acted holiday family melodrama.

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