A Girl in Every Port

A Girl in Every Port

Two sailors with a rivalry over chasing women become friends. But when one decides to finally settle down, will this mysterious young women come between them?

A Girl in Every Port is a silent comedy film about two sailors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnyy M (ag) wrote: Intense Kickboxer movie

Vilia C (it) wrote: A sweet piece of work.

Kaho O (ag) wrote: Have you ever thought "Time"? In my case No, before I watched this movie. I could notice that how important "Time" is. After I watched this movie,I become think about "Time" deeply. I really recommend this movie so I will introduce this story plot. This movie's leading actor can Time travel, but he can go only past time. So he often back to time to redo something.When he met a so nice girl, he couldn't do cool to her. So he back to past time and he redoing again and again. Because of this, he could get girl friend and also he got merry! I like this part of movie after merry.I think this movie's actor and actress is fantastic. This movie's heroine is Mary was played by Rachel McAdams. Her acting impressed me. Espacially when Mary was angry to baby, she was so impatiented, because Mary's baby made mess. So Mary was so angry. Rachel McAdams played this scene. It was so emotional. Her expression was great.And Domhnall Gleeson's acting also so nice. Domhnall Gleeson played Tim.I think his acting is mistrials and realistic. His crying scene was awesome. I was impressed. This movie was made in British. So you can see beautiful scenery.If you intrested in British, It's good movie. You can see British scenery.I recommend the party scene. The party scene is romantic. You can see so nice British restaurant and town. After watch this movie I become want to go British. Music surface, this movie's music is awesome. For example, "Push the button" is sung by Sugababes. This music is used in New york party scene.I like this song. I recommend it. Other is "How long will I love you" song by jon Boden and Sam Sweeney and Ben Coleman. This music also awesome. I often listen this music when I feel sad. At the end, the movie of Last part is sprising. I cried a lot. I was impressed by the last part of words. Tim rearised importance of Time.I also noticed that how importance time is. After watch this movie I consider about daily life. I want to live every day in a meaningful way so that i will not regret it afterwards.

Hui L (ru) wrote: What a boring movie.. Wasting my $$ to watch it.

Ugo L (kr) wrote: Bernie noel,Un classique!!!Si t'as pas vu sa va cour te le chercher,mais criss prends pas week-end chez bernie c'est pas sa!

Guilherme N (au) wrote: The best of the 80's: cartoon style, simple and intelligent, idiotic and deep, with some Mozart's inspirations.

Christopher S (ca) wrote: Unjustly maligned Disney adaptation of Ray Bradbury's classic may not completely capture the dark magic of the book, but still does a very good job of translating it to the screen, even if it isn't the film Bradbury and director Jack Clayton intended. Some of the minor characters and subplots are underdeveloped, and the young actors playing the boys aren't the best, but they're backed up by a great cast of character actors and some impressive special effects. Definitely worth another look.

Kshitij B (fr) wrote: If only Naseeruddin Shah had hammed a tad less while making the movie's point. Great songs, though, and heartbreaking fate of Farooq Shaikh and Supriya Pathak's story.

Stephen T (ca) wrote: An unlikely film about an unlikely situation. A 14 year old beauty starts a passionate affair with hr 28 year old 'step-father'. A guilty pleasure.

Bob W (au) wrote: Two ambitious brothers follow their passions and pay the price, or rather their wives do in this epic 16th century period piece. Always listed among the greatest films of all time, this masterpiece is a riveting moral fable with ghost story elements.

Steven M (jp) wrote: This is my first Chandler adaptation. The plot is complex and confusing and this isn't helped by the fact that we rarely see the protagonist interact with the shady characters because this is filmed mostly from Marlowe's point of view. I didn't find this annoying, but rather interesting. Why did Montgomery choose to do this? He was the lead so it was quite an undertaking. There are a few drawbacks - I most noticed the slowness of his movement dictated by the hefty cameras - but overall I wouldn't call the choice of style a failure.I enjoyed the sharp dialogue and look forward to more Chandler adaptations in the future.

Emily L (kr) wrote: never seen it, no opinion of whether I want to

Amanda W (mx) wrote: Different/Just OK/Not Bad/Kinda Liked...