A Girl in Every Port

A Girl in Every Port

After two sailors are conned into buying a lame race-horse, they go ashore to sort out the problem, but when they realize that the horse is one of a pair of identical twins, their plan for revenge becomes more complicated.

After two sailors are conned into buying a lame race-horse, they go ashore to sort out the problem, but when they realize that the horse is one of a pair of identical twins, their plan for revenge becomes more complicated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kate G (ca) wrote: An amazing movie that keeps tears in your eyes hours after the ending. It's a movie that I think everyone should see before you die, giving you a different perspective on people and life.

Michelle A (de) wrote: no info = no interest

Ashley C (nl) wrote: The ways technology can simultaneously bring people together and isolate them is a rich, if slightly worn, theme, and this little indie mines it reasonably well. Still, even at 80 minutes, it felt a little long.

Anssi V (nl) wrote: In my mind a good parody is always also an homage to its source material. Instead of just pointing, mocking and laughing, it respects its predecessors and while it gently pokes fun at their mistakes and general silliness, it also pays tribute to their strong points. And that's this film. It's both a parody and a love letter to those romantic comedies of the mid-century Hollywood where men and women had clearly defined roles, every background was painted, the cars were driven by madly spinning the wheel from one side to the other even though the road was perfectly straight and every single line was delivered with a suave and cocky grin on one's face.And as far as parodies or even movies in general go, this isn't a bad example. It has a very strong visual style, with bright, colourful sets, which feel very nostalgic, great score, clever if a bit dirty sense of humour, especially when it comes to visual humour, and a good cast of actors. Rene Zellweger and Ewan McGregor especially were very good in their roles and they had good chemistry together. McGregor in particular was prefect for the role of Catcher Block, a suave ladies man, who simply oozes self-confidence and charisma.I had no complaints about the story either, though it wasn't the film's strongest point. It's clever and witty most of the time and the scenes flow smoothly from one to another, but it had perhaps one twist too many for me to fully enjoy it. I wouldn't call it needlessly complicated, but it's not far.In the end I have to admit that I had a blast watching this film. It's more about the experience and the individual scenes than it is about the story, but in this case it's not a bad thing. If you're looking for a movie with great sense of humour, enjoyable characters, witty dialogues and bright colour scheme, this is definitely your film.

Matthew H (de) wrote: Not a fan at all. Horrible. If your looking for a typical Japanese movie where the words don't match their lips, Godzilla going into a black hole and a God Awful ending, this movie is gold.

Scott H (kr) wrote: Mira Sorvino gives an attention grabbing performance, but the plot wonders aimlessly and ends up nowhere exciting.

Darlene M (mx) wrote: Pretty cute, but hard not to compare it to Meg Ryan's better performance in When Harry Met Sally.

Bugi P (gb) wrote: Film gangster yg overrated!! Tidak ada yg spesial yg ditampilkan di film ini. Yang bikin penasaran cuma akting dari Dustin Hoffman dan Bruce Willis!!!

Christopher C (au) wrote: It was ok. The novelty of the series are what interested me the most about these movies.

Ernie T (us) wrote: Uneven vigilante thriller suffers from a lack of focus and multiple story arcs that in the end leaves you asking what was the point of all that.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: Before today I was a Hammer virgin, now having experienced it for the first time I feel...pretty much the same as I did yesterday. This is a perfectly okay soft-core porn, horror movie that co-stars a hilarious devil-baby-handpuppet-thing. It was fun to see a novelist battling the Satanists (lead by the always brilliant Lee) instead of a priest and um, yeah. It hasn't made me want to scour their back-catalogue exactly, though I might try a few more. Not bad, not bad.

Modi M (jp) wrote: Take that rating for harming so many animals to make this film !

Sham K (gb) wrote: Awesome movie! I can see why it was nominated for best picture in 1944. This movie has some of the most awesomely cheesy dialogue, yet also some of the most classic dialogue I've ever heard! Highly recommended. Everyone can enjoy this classic murder plot line!

Jon M (ca) wrote: Good to see Marc Singer (of Beastmaster and V fame) and Brian Johnson (remember him from Alien Nation and X Files) again. Story was average and special effects sub par.

Beth M (fr) wrote: Awful, awful, awful, AWFUL. Colin Firth is probably regretting ever making this film and Heather Graham proves yet again that she has no acting skills whatsoever. The storyline for me, had no thought behind it and it's forgetable. Even now, I'm struggling to remember parts of it. I'm being generous by giving half a star.

Danny M (es) wrote: Good film. Not as good as the first two though

Jana S (br) wrote: If you like entourage the show then you'll like the movie.