A Girl Is a Gun

A Girl Is a Gun

Despite most Cahiers du cinéma critics admired many western authors, when they themselves became filmmakers few dared to overtly revisit that genre. One year after Alejandro Jodorowsky's El topo and as Sergio Leone premiered A Fistful of Dollars, Moullet charges full steam ahead with a wild western starring Jean-Pierre Léaud, taking this genre and one of its key characters to unexpected territory.

Despite most Cahiers du cinéma critics admired many western authors, when they themselves became filmmakers few dared to overtly revisit that genre... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant H (jp) wrote: Pretty good movie. The clich (C)s and formulas are there and too evident, but the humor and warmth are in the dialogue, and the performances are pretty good, especially Parker, Grace and Ritter.

Grant H (jp) wrote: Great movie. Iannucci and the writers of this film spin together a brilliant political satire, almost acting as a British version of Thank You for Smoking. Two different topics, but both funny, smart, and clever in the way they satirize their political focuses (such as cigarettes and war). The performances in this are incredible as well, especially Capaldi, who shows a more vulgar side that's hilarious in how crude it is (Doctor Who fans would be shocked to hear his mouth in this).

Uthresh K (gb) wrote: hmmmmm... good movie

Carlos I (mx) wrote: Pretty decent exorcism movie. Not totally original, but it is cool seeing a Jewish exorcism for once. And it's always great seeing Jeffery Dean Morgan.

Aleksandar J (ag) wrote: Uopste necu da trosim previse recenica na opisivanje ovog kineskog SMECA. Dvije stvari su kljucne: 1) Film LAZE, tj. NE ISPORUCUJE ono obecano u naslovu i 2) SVE u filmu je potpuno katastrofalno, a pogotovo rekordno kretenizovan scenario u kojem se herojski (citaj: tupavi) policajac 6 i kusur godina bori protiv jezive zlocinacke organizacije, samo da bi se u posljednjih 20 minuta filma iz cista mira pojavio SASVIM DESETI glavni negativac. Glupost ovog filma je vrlo tesko dostici i savjetujem vam da ga izbjegnete u sirokom luku. You have been warned.

Shawn W (es) wrote: Was this supposed to be a comedy or a drama? Never figured it out. Total waste of a strong cast. Travolta does a purposely bad Bill Clinton impression for two and a half hours.

Alex S (nl) wrote: daring, yet mostly staying on the surface, interesting nonetheless.

Kevin R (gb) wrote: May the force be with you!Santa arrives in sunny Florida looking to recruit his long term replacement so he can retire. The man he wants to offer the position to is an actor and his agent won't let Santa talk to him. Meanwhile, a strange taxi driver helps Santa get where he needs to go without interrupting Christmas...even if that means delivering the presents for him."It's not who you know, it's what you know."John Cherry III, director of Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid, Ernest Rides Again, Ernest in the Army, Ernest Goes to Africa, and Pirates on the Plain, delivers Ernest Saves Christmas. The storyline for this picture is entertaining and fun to watch unfold for what it is. The comedic content is inconsistent but the acting is fun. The cast includes Jim Varney, Douglas Seale, Oliver Clark, Noelle Parker, Billie Bird, and Gailard Sartain."Alien goats."I came across this on Netflix and have always been a fan of the Ernest films since I was a kid. My daughter and I watched it together the other night and I was shocked she watched it from beginning to end. This is far from a classic holiday film, but it is a funny film to watch with your children."What we have here is a failure to accumulate."Grade: C+

Bruce N (ca) wrote: This film is excellent in many ways, with stellar performances by Bancroft, Fonda and Tilly. It is often criticized, however, for its overall plot, and more often, for its bewildering conclusion. The problem with this mystery is that the actual case involved is merely incidental to the story. This movie definitely fits in the mystery genre, and yet is singular in its subject matter. The film's mystery involves the "mysteries" of different faiths and human perspectives. There is no need to summarize the plot, since that has been done by others, but the three characters differ markedly. Bancroft plays a practical sort of Roman Catholic nun, believing and devout, but checked by the realities of everyday life. Tilly's character embodies all that is irrational about Catholicism, a nun given to hysteria and also hopelessly ignorant. Fonda's role is that of a psychiatrist and atheistic lapsed Catholic, disbelieving the faith espoused by the other two, and struggling for her own moralistic grasp of life without the convenient aid of a deity. The magic of this film is that it presents all three characters sympathetically, presenting the disturbing and seductive aspects of the mentally unstable young nun, the persistent faith and ever-present doubt of the Mother Superior, and the painful memories and ethical dilemmas of the woman of science. In Roger Ebert's review of this movie, he finds the movie's ending unsatisfying because no answers are put forth on the question of miracles, and everything seems just as vague as in the beginning. In one sense he's right. There are no firm answers given. But for those who seriously ponder meaning and faith in life there are no firm answers. This is an intentionally unsolved mystery, because whether a person chooses faith or unbelief, moral choices will continue to be clouded by a haunting sense of uncertainty. Each of the characters is troubled in her own way, and the most brilliant attribute of this movie is the communication between the women, as they argue, talk, joke, and desperately struggle to understand each other. There is more of humanity in this movie than in pat and insultingly simple answers.

Kris K (es) wrote: Resnais's first English-language film and it soars. Brilliant performances, especially by Bogarde and Gielgud; spot-on direction and a nuanced approach that juxtaposes harsh and light colors and shadows in terms of cinematography; and, of course, the wonderful way Mercer's screenplay in Resnais's hands plays out like stream-of-consciousness on screen. I honestly don't think there is a better film about the creative process than Providence.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 66%"There's nothing in your head, of any use."-Inspector Mirov/the being (Julio Pena)

Alexandre R (es) wrote: Il y a dans cette oeuvre gniale de Renoir une esthtique qui n'est pas sans rappeler le film noir, et il s'agit peut-tre de l'un des premiers archtypes du genre. Le scnario prend beaucoup de liberts sur le roman de Zola, mais c'est l'un des maux ncessaires l'adaptation d'un texte littraire aussi dense. Jean Gabin incarne un Jacques Lantier trs crdible, mais qui n'est pas familier avec l'univers zolien aura peut-tre un peu de mal saisir tout fait ses motivations.Carette, comic relief par excellence dans l'univers de Renoir, est toujours aussi attachant. Les prises de vues du train sont trs russies. Renoir a cern parfaitement cet aspect du roman qui fait de la locomotive un personnage part entire. J'irais jusqu' recommander ce film quiconque veut s'introduire l'oeuvre de Renoir sans trop se casser la tte. Ce qui ne signifie pas qu'il s'agit l d'un film sans intelligence. Au contraire, c'est divertissant et extrmement bien tourn.

Gabriel A (jp) wrote: Produo de Danny DeVito e Michael Shamberg com a direo inaugural de Ben Stiller e roteiro de Helen Childress. Reality Bites traz um elenco de peso: Winona Ryder, Ethan Hawke e Ben Stiller que fragilmente dirigi esse turbilho de loucuras juvenis, o inicio um conto promissor e excntrico da juventude contempornea, mas evolui para uma histria de amor banal to previsvel quanto qualquer romance de Hollywood, vitimiza o elenco com falas bobas e situaes bizarras resultando em romance extramente bobo.

Allan M (us) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed the script and humor, and the acting performances were enjoyable. The relationship between the main characters was well-developed in such a situation, where the traditional means of garnering trust pretty much would fly out the window. A solid watch for sure.

Justin S (it) wrote: Few funny parts, liked nerd guy from ghostbusters best. Inaccurate, makes army look weak, portrays CPT as a dud

Tj B (it) wrote: absolutely one of the funniest movies of all time. any time I'm feeling down, I throw it in

sureen n (es) wrote: there r al 4 series of tis movie, it basically tels a story of a green beret soldier who survived the vietnam waar n witnes the cruelty of the war world, rambo is a man who fights with his survival techniques and kils 2 survive. war against the sherif, vienamese batalion, russian army and finally he rescues a team of volunteers at burma. rambo as far as i consider is movie 2 b watched by all.