A golpes

A golpes

The first half of this movie may be tasteless: there is this bunch of girls and boys living in the working class suburbs of Madrid around the boxing club, some action, some sex, not going nowhere, but soon the characters begin to sharpen, the story takes shape around persons and groups. One can expect things to get bad in any moment but psychology takes over easy violence on the screen and the second half is a much more captivating linear part, where the characters have more convincing roles. Nathalia Verbeke is amazing, once again!, in a new and physically demanding role. Can't keep from comparing her with Hilary Swank performance in Million Dollar Baby.

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Maddy A (es) wrote: Good casting by mohit suri, great to see Ritesh finally taking up a negative character

Emily M (gb) wrote: This movie had countless plot holes, and it had the regular cheesy 4Kids acting, but this movie wasn't made for its acting or its plot. It was made for drawing old and new fans together. It was made FOR the fans, and for that it did its job very well, incorporating the old background music from the original, bringing back Yugi and the Pharaoh, and joining them with the more recent protagonists along with a brilliant duel. As a regular movie it was mediocre, but as a movie made for fan service, it as pretty good. The jokes had the theater chuckling and it was a very memorable experience for me.

BF E (ca) wrote: I found the first part of the documentary filled with too many camera shots and odd angles through arms, elbows, legs, although I will admit the camera work helped create the sense that the studio was overcrowded and a tremendous competition was underway. Initially I felt greedy to see more dance - by the end of the film I was completely satisfied.

Michael V (it) wrote: What really hurt this movie the most is it's title. Since Geronimo isn't in this all that much really. It's more about the men who are tracking him down rather then the man himself. Otherwise this really was a decent movie that has a great combination of up and coming, current and seasoned actors. A strong director behind it. And a fantastic story told from both sides of the conflict. The scenary and the camera work capturing it is top notch as well. And I have to say this will always be Patric's finest performance. Whether he assumes the role of an ambassador with his deep eyes and charismatic presence or that of a soldier with his masterful horsemanship (performed by the actor himself), he brings a special depth and beauty to this project. I think the reason why this gets over looked so much is because of Dances with Wolves which came out shortly prior to this one. But a damn worthy watch if you ask me.

Jeff D (kr) wrote: I cry every night because this is unavailable on DVD.

Karla S (ag) wrote: Awww I had a crush on Eddie

Shawn F (mx) wrote: How can you not love this movie?

Merritt (jp) wrote: Classic Cheech and Chong. This movie has to be one of their absolute funniest.

Jerry K (nl) wrote: [color=yellow][b]Stunt Rock[/b] (1978, Brian Trenchard-Smith) *[/color][color=white]Music, magic and stunts = stuntrock. For movie buffs, it's a cross between Spinal Tap and Gone in 60 Seconds (there is even a clip from that classic car film). Strong cult appeal on this one...I imagine it being a midnight showing after say Song Remains the Same and Wizards, circa 1978. Still, as filmmaking, it's no more than an amateur job. I ordered this DVD from the Sorcery website, the band featured in the film. It does not appear to be a DVDr, though it is most likely from a VHS source (tape roll near the beginning). One [i]major [/i]complaint: the fullscreen presentation seriously mars the film, as the split screen effects are totally lost. The image is cropped on the sides, and many of the best stunts cannot be seen on the edges when split screen is employed (often). I think a sound remix in 5.1 combined with a widescreen OAR picture would boost this one another star...[/color]

Richard L (au) wrote: A well-made yet at times too theatrical and stereotypical tale of neverending everyday psychological pain (as if there weren't enough in the modern world, somebody felt compelled to write one into an overly artistic movie) and of the lead character's nakedness.

Indira S (fr) wrote: what's with the mother?! :D

Muhammed K (mx) wrote: amazing classic movie ?????????