A Good Boy

A Good Boy

After his mother's death, 17-year-old Sven moves in with his dad Achim, a taxi driver, who had divorced his mother several years earlier. It is not easy for Achim to get used to an ...

After his mother's death, 17-year-old Sven moves in with his dad Achim, a taxi driver, who had divorced his mother several years earlier. It is not easy for Achim to get used to an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arturo Z (mx) wrote: Pulls enough to be released in theaters, but not to be remembered afterwards

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Akash S (ag) wrote: The characters and acting were brilliant, no doubt. But the helter-skelter view of Paris doesn't give much chance for the characters to evolve. And they show the French as some sort of sex-crazy perverts!

Nirav P (gb) wrote: A must see...Something that many will appreciate.

Zachary A (us) wrote: This film will reel you in and never let go.

Kelly L (au) wrote: One of the best documentaries I've seen in a long time. Amazing music, and a touching story.

Andrew G (ru) wrote: When talking about the acting: stylistically, this movie is a modern-day film noir. Harvey Keitel's performance is great

Jay S (de) wrote: Now this is a Classic you had Bernie Mac, Leon, 2PAC, Marlon Wayas, Wood Harris, Duane Martin. Come on RT this movie is a classic for real tho

kristina c (kr) wrote: would love to own it!!!!!!!

Everett J (fr) wrote: Big up to my boy Joe Paul for recommending this to me. I think I may have heard of it, but I had never seen it. This movie is clearly a big influence on a lot of movies and filmmakers. I mean you can clearly see things that "Kill Bill" took from this. From the geyser blood to the revenge themes, it was way ahead of it's time. What impressed me most was that this movie was made in 1980, and isn't dated at all. It holds up very well. The story is universal, the performances are strong. I loved the music and especially the little boys narration. Great watch!

Robbie H (us) wrote: This film was stupid. The ending made me go, wtf just happened?

Pascal V (jp) wrote: The interresting aspect remains in the Lon Chaney Jr likable vilain character and his relation to the Marylin Monroe lookalike Marian Carr...

Mark L (mx) wrote: Please do your self a favor and watch this movie, I have never cried so much over a movie.

Tony P (ca) wrote: The Lady In The Van tells the mostly true story of a dotty old lady. A lady who resides in a camper van who somehow ends up on playright Alan Bennett's driveway for 15 years! No I am not making up the plot of a Carry On film.1970s Camden in London. In a street full of champagne Socialists the middle class residents put up with an elderly lady moving up and down the street parking outside various houses. On one hand feeling guilty for her plight but secretly not wanting her outside their house. Typical NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard).It's not a backyard but the empty, spacious driveway of resident playright Alan Bennett that the Lady In The Van ends up. Bennett developing a strange perhaps unwitting understanding of her strange habits even defying the hopeless social worker from Camden Borough Council!A split personality Bennett is seen behind closed doors as he talks to his altar ego about the understanding. Sympathetic and nice Bennett against practical yet truthful Bennett.We find out the true history of the dotty old lady who was 'normal' once.Maggie Smith is excellent as Mary or is it Margaret Shepherd.All in all a very entertaining British production.