A Good Man

A Good Man

An Australian sheep farmer looks to cover his wife's medical expenses by building a brothel.

A law school professor witnesses his colleague, friend and mentor murder his own wife. Rather than turn his friend in, he disowns him, but the decision leads to more danger. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander D (br) wrote: Late in the evening of December 21, 2012, four unlikely people hick the sack somewhere remote and underground: a basement, a cave, etc. At midnight they are awaken by earth tremors and lights, only to discover that the cities have been incinerated and most people killed. Hunted by a mysterious biker gang, as they wander aimlessly trying to understand what has happened, they are brought face to face with the extremity of human evil. This low budget essay has vision but lacks lustre. The filmography is engaging without being exceptional, but the low key acting and banal dialogue take longer to engage. Nevertheless, the film builds towards a conclusion that, while derivative, is satisfying.

Ruhanul I (ca) wrote: the crappiest crap i have ever seen.......!!!!!.......wish there was a 0.1 star.......!!!:P

Jason J (es) wrote: A killer called Picasso targets a man who has a rare sensory disorder called synesthesia into his deadly web using an online game and involving a young girl. This is a bit of a slow burner which takes it's time to build up the storyline. The cast is OK but Aoi Miyazaki is good as always. I really enjoy watching her movies. Synesthesia isn't a great movie by any means. The script is somewhat weak but the art direction and cinematography is excellent. I still found it to be an intriguing and interesting thriller. Some might find it boring. The ending is a puzzle that's up for interpretation.

Isla B (us) wrote: Couldn't understand a feckin' word they were saying. Steely eyed cyborg Ed Harris was good. Wolverine's girlfriend looked exactly like Michael Jackson.

John D (fr) wrote: er... its different... not neccessarily in a good way... Zod's in it so its not all cock and balls

Andrew B (gb) wrote: What...kind of name is this...?

Kathy J (es) wrote: this is a great love story

Pablo M (au) wrote: Great, i really like this cartoon when i was younger, actually i still do....

Eva B (au) wrote: It was a good film and though the director had much better films, this one is still good and portrays the rise and fall of a kid who wants to make it to the top and a greedy business overlord. I would recommend it though its definitely not for everyone

Stephen C (br) wrote: Its easy to forget that the 80s turned out a lot of thrillers which snuck under the radar and are now fresher than a lot of the more celebrated films of the period. This happens to be one of those thrillers and its should be better known as i fell it has a hell of a lot going for it most notably the chemistry between Wodds and Dennehy as rougue hit man and burnt out cop respectivley. The plot is basically a revenge thriller with a twist as Woods offers Dennehy the chance to blow the lid off his corrupt ex boss by exposing his way of dealing with threats. Woods is suitably scuzzy and again shows here just what a good actor he is in any role he is given. Dennhey is Yang to Wods Ying and he tooo excells as a cop with writers block who cant resist the offer placed in front of him. The action is taut and the film never outstays its welcome and is never boring in any shape or form . Seek this out and grab a piece of this very very underated action movie with a very dark heart

Berigan T (mx) wrote: I don't remember how successful this was when it was released, but among many movie lovers it was the funniest movie to come out in years! A turn on the mistaken identity plot. It's wonderful how everyone can keep a straight face among the supporting roles. Sutherland and Wilder are just...ridiculously funny. The 1/2 star off is for the VERY end. Not up to the quality of the rest of the picture.

Michael R (mx) wrote: Nobody does it better than Bond, and no Bond is better than Connery. Dr. No is the one that started it all and it's a thrilling fun start to one of Hollywood's most beloved franchises.

James H (kr) wrote: Ultra hokey grade "Z" movie, poorly acted with a luducrous plot. Not bad enough to be a good "bad" film, not plausible enough to be entertaining. This film has a following of fans and it escapes me as to why.

Justin K (ca) wrote: Massively underrated, this admittedly low budget film captures the nature of 'Cyberpunk' better than just about any other and even Gruner lifts his game to give more than his normal shallow 'action hero' performance. In the future it pays to be more than human... and it pays to give this one a try!