A Good Man in Africa

A Good Man in Africa

Morgan Leafy is a secretary to the British High Commissioner to an Africa nation. Leafy is a man that makes himself useful to his boss, the snobbish Arthur Fanshawe, who has no clue about what's going on around him, but who wants to use his secretary to carry on his dirty work, which involves getting one of the most powerful men in the country to do business with his country.The young secretary has an eye for beautiful women around him, especially Hazel, a native beauty, with whom he is having an affair. Things get complicated because Sam Adekunle, a man running for president of the country, wants a favor from Leafy in return after he has accepted the invitation to visit London. The proposition involves swaying a prominent doctor's opposition to a plan that will make Adenkule filthy rich.

Politics are already strained between English imperialists and the West African government of Kinjanja, when womanizing British diplomat Morgan Leafy (Colin Friels) is caught in bed with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexandra R (fr) wrote: An interesting take on professional relationships but not excellent.

Daniel S (au) wrote: I had heard of this since it played in the midnight section of several film festivals, plus it seemed like an intriguing premise, kinda similar to cheap thrills, id say this lived up to my expectations, very fast paced and engaging throughout, and weber is likable/believable in the lead, you never quite know where it's gonna go, and i didnt see the final revelations coming, i will say the very very end i wasnt a huge fan of, but not enough to prevent me from liking it, i hope to see more from th director

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Dustin I (nl) wrote: Great story and very creepy atmosphere! The pacing seemed a little bit off, not to mention Tara Reid's dependable wooden acting. These seemed minor quibbles to me but to each his own.

Sharu s (nl) wrote: its a superb mu-v... salute 2 d director...

Amanda S (de) wrote: Its laughable how terrible this movie is.

Charles L (mx) wrote: I was part of the first audience to see this film at a prescreening in Orange County. I don't know if they changed the rough cut we saw at all but it wasn't a very interesting film.

Luke M (de) wrote: Clunkily put together and suffering from an overabundence of plot points, Layer Cake is too hard to follow to justify spending your time on it.

Davide C (ru) wrote: The greatest of all time, and Will Smith plays the part of the great fighter to perfection

Joshua L (kr) wrote: It Really is just like Top Gun but with Snow and Drugs. I really liked it

Ryan V (nl) wrote: Not as good as the original. But it's nice to see a sight not viewed often since 1990: Steve Guttenberg finding work. A man of Brando or Olivier's talents should grace the silver screen as often as possible. I'd even settle for a new Police Academy or Don't Tell Her it's Me Part II: The Return.

Simon S (gb) wrote: Yes its done on the cheap and everything is over the top silly, but its so watchable even if its not always for the right reasons, I still enjoy coming back to it time and time again.

michael l (au) wrote: Coolest.. concept.. ever. But i sure hope our cells aren't really just giant sheets of tissue paper with spray painted nuclei..

Heidi P (it) wrote: I thought this movie was cute a classic chick flick, But I am glad I waited till it came out on DVD to see it!

Ida K (it) wrote: There are some stupid movies that, after watching them a few times, I've grown to love. This wasn't one of them. Even handsome Channing Tatum couldn't keep my interest!

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