A Good Marriage

A Good Marriage

After 25 years of a good marriage, what will Darcy do once she discovers her husband's sinister secret?

The story is about a middle-aged couple who have a marriage lasting several years. Their lives seems perfect until one day, the wife suddenly finds the evidence proving her husband is a serial killer that has not been captured… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin H (jp) wrote: Good movie. I enjoyed how it taught Hosea and how much God love's.

Nicki M (jp) wrote: Quite gritty portrayal of prostitution focusing on two women. One aged 30, who has had enough and is leaving and one a young runaway just starting out. A bit of violence and nudity, as you would expect, plus the usual betrayals and sleaziness of life on the streets. The cast are fine, but something about it didn't entirely work, at least in my opinion. Can't quite pinpoint what. Maybe the characters could have been a bit more fleshed out. Particularly for the younger girl.

Steve R (au) wrote: It's called Hobo with a Shotgun. WHat more can I say!!!

Ash J (gb) wrote: Uhhh... Never heard of this one, but after reading this I've gotta see it. haha

Josh G (ru) wrote: Terrible acting but not too bad a plot... Very tongue in cheek... Watchable

X T (jp) wrote: What initially appear to be a travelogue/history lesson placed in a fictional narrative that resembles The Odyssey in reverse becomes a meditation on Western civilization, culture, and how the past is forever shaping the present.This is probably the most talky film I've seen (in 5 languages no less!), but it requires more contemplation than most of the so called minimalist films that people describe as contemplative cinema. The ending is unexpected to say the least (I would call it Bunuelesque except that it's not funny at all), but it is the only possible ending. In fact this might be the most pessimistic film I've ever seen.

Paul C (gb) wrote: A second sequel, this time paying homage to Hitchcock's 'Rear Window' - though lacking any build-up of tension or suspense. There is some blood and gore, but the plot seems stretched (and in a film this short that's not at all good). Certainly not helped by underusing Lance Henriksen either!

J L (jp) wrote: Great acting. Great writing. Multiple levels of thought and comedy.

Shawn W (it) wrote: Two brothers escape Death Row and terrorize a DA and his family in their home. Subpar although I liked how the judge questioned the DA's daughter about the appropriateness of her knee-length skirt. A nice takeaway for teen girls.

Augustine H (es) wrote: Excellent direction especially for the over 20 minutes heist scene in silence. A vivid portrayal of how a crime should be made, which is different from the farce-alike Ocean's Eleven and Entrapment. But how come Alain Delon didn't have his gorgeous jacket changed from the one used in Le Samoura?

marj d (gb) wrote: Luscious Sophia, love the accent, funny movie