A Good Rain Knows

A Good Rain Knows

A traveling architect meets an old friend from his student years; the pair realize their connection has always been a romantic one.

A traveling architect meets an old friend from his student years; the pair realize their connection has always been a romantic one. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel S (ag) wrote: Not a stink bomb, but still too long,

soul r (ru) wrote: quieky funny and poignant. Good.

Bethany G (gb) wrote: I thought this was a pretty good Horror flick. Maybe not the best one ever made, but it keeps you on your toes and is definitely worth a watch.

Criss T (de) wrote: This film I must own it's great! The story the music the drums Awesome!

Klaas K (nl) wrote: Klaas Kornemann schwul?Sihcer nihct!

Maxwell F (ag) wrote: The movie 28 days is a rather lengthy movie about Gwen; a rude, vulgar, repulsive, alcoholic woman who is going through 28 days of rehabilitation at an unremarkable treatment center, after ruining her sister's wedding, stealing a limousine and crashing it into somebody's house. In my opinion, the characters in this movie are rather detestable; as it is painfully obvious that the main character, along with the other members of this godforsaken asylum, which is a central setting to the movie, indulge themselves in repugnant, detrimental consumption of narcotics, and thus they are subordinate in that they cannot be trusted to not destroy themselves when left alone. If this movie actually conveys any kind of message at all, then this message is the consequences of being dependent; particularly, on drugs. Indeed, I have never before seen so many elaborate examples of derelicts in a movie. This movie was rather painful for me to watch, as I am apparently not comfortable in the presence of so much failure. It is true that nearly all the greatest and most successful movies inspire us, however this movie's abominable portrayal of humanity is rather dejecting in nature. This movie was, indeed, the worst movie I have ever seen.Sandra Bullock does a good job in portraying Gwen, a drug addict and an epic failure of a human-being. At times, I was actually convinced that I was observing an actual manifestation of the lowest ends of human civilization. The relatively accurate portrayal of the more disgusting parts of humanity was indeed impressive to see as physically rendered, but rather difficult to watch as a cinematic end-result. In most anti-drug films, the point of the film (that drugs are bad) is made clear once the guinea-pig drug-addict is arrested for some obscene act, is put into jail for the epilogue, and then rolling the credits. This movie somehow finds a way to extend the epilogue of this archetype concept into a tedious, two-hour sit-fest.

Andrey B (it) wrote: This film is all about visuals accompanied by awesome soundtrack. You forgive the movie's plot faults as you are enthralled by the dreamlike atmosphere of something unknown. And of course not to forget the very young Jennifer Connelly.

Joseph S (ca) wrote: Mixes archival footage of World War 2, with fictional story of a young man getting ready to go off to war. The archival footage, serves as the young man's thoughts and fears about going into battle. Scenes of air raids and bombings are spliced togeth...(read more) er with the scenes of sitting on the bus, bieng polite, and just doing normal everything things. The film ends with D-Day, where our hero is among the first to storm the beach, the point where fact and fiction finally meet. Strange, and bizzare miltary weapons you have never seen before(the rocket wheel???), the barbed wire removing vehicle, appear throghout as well as amazing ariel footage. The most unique and effective "war" film ever seen. Like Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurrance At Owel Creek", for the WW2 generation.

Jarett B (gb) wrote: I want to like this film so bad it hurts. I mean, it stars Gary Cooper and Lee J. Cobb, and it's Mann's final western, but it's too stereotypical and, well, predictable. Also to note, Cooper completely dialed in this performance (I wish Stewart and Mann hadn't had a falling out). Coops!? You're Will Kane! You save the day in "High Noon," tell the town to go fuck themselves, AND ride off with Princess Grace Kelly! What the hell? I know he plays a character with a shady past, but his "shame close-ups" boarder on comedic (as do a number of other scenes, especially the grandiose fight scene 2/3 way through). Granted, Mann nails the climax, making me wonder why this seeming similar film to Mann's past westerns went corny instead of devastating. I think it tries too hard to be "Mann's Final Epic Western" and fails.