A Good Time with a Bad Girl

A Good Time with a Bad Girl

A millionaire goes to Las Vegas and has an affair with a sex-addicted girl, while his wife is back at home.

A millionaire goes to Las Vegas and has an affair with a sex-addicted girl, while his wife is back at home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (au) wrote: Fighting Bordem, Isolation, Intertwined With Moments Of Absolute Fear & Insanity In A Post-Zombie Apocalypse...To The Tune Of A Catchy Soundtrack. Dark, Funny & Probably The Most Realistic Zombie Story Told Thus Far!! Fighting It Out Against Your Own Sanity Sometimes The Biggest Battle Of All As The Craziness Up's The World-Ending Ante.

Julie L (mx) wrote: a aurait pu tre franchement nul. Mais un petit miracle est arriv...

Michael R (nl) wrote: The film is predictable but the story and perfomrances are heart touching

Tom S (ca) wrote: Quirky French Thriller about a young couple who become mixed up in the lives of an older couple with strange consequences. It really knows how to build the tension, but it might take the symbolism too far and a supernatural turn won't be for all tastes.

bill s (de) wrote: If you think this is a family film then boy you must hate your family.

Michael O (de) wrote: Contrite, fluffy fun...

Jared S (mx) wrote: Enjoyably bad film by Cronenberg, but handled perfectly by him. The theme song always makes me laugh hysterically. Ultimately, it's a racing exploitation film.

Gary S (mx) wrote: Good, low budget British horror film. Funny when a policeman accuses Peter Cushing of being the monster and he says that he cannot be because he is British.

Caitlin B (us) wrote: After the first 20 incestuous minutes got out of the way, this was a fun and colorful romp. Some catchy tunes to some funny lyrics and the costumes were wonderful. Plus Catherine Deneuve is hot as sin and you get to see a donkey crap out jewels!

Marcio S (us) wrote: Boldly hides Bogart from most of the movie while playing along with the noir conventions. It demands, however, suspension of belief. A lot of it.

Scott N (ag) wrote: I saw it on film 4! It was good to watch, flixster added it upon my recommendation yay :), took them perhaps a month to reply, but at least it's there. It's about a scientist geezer who midgetises some science dudes who visit him in his jungle hideaway & then the people want to escape.

Corey W (nl) wrote: This one bears the marks of a horror film trying to be more than what it is.

bill s (it) wrote: The leads come through big in this cool caper flick that is a tad too long but still enjoyable.

Steve G (us) wrote: I loved this as a teen. It captured my generation pretty well. Though, there are obvious moral annoyances, as well.