A Good Year

A Good Year

Failed London banker Max Skinner inherits his uncle's vineyard in Provence, where he spent many childhood holidays. Upon his arrival, he meets a woman from California who tells Max she is his long-lost cousin and that the property is hers.

Max Skinner, a British investment broker inherits his uncle’s chateau and vineyard in Provence where he’s spent a part of his childhood. He intends to sell the property until he meets a young American woman who says she is  his uncle’s illegitimate daughter and his plan is dropped. Meanwhile, Max reluctantly finds himself falling for local café owner and town siren Fanny, whose formidable guard is quickly worn down by the smitten beneficiary. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike R (de) wrote: GREAT MOVIE! LIKE THE GAMES!!

Luke B (it) wrote: This is mostly a great film. Like Crash (the overrated Oscar winning pap), this follows a number of people leading up to/after a terrorist explosion. The explosion itself is fantastically filmed, it doesn't always look real, but the impact is still there. The second train part completely through me off balance. Like with the majority of these multi-stranded films, some of the stories just aren't as engaging as others, I loved the men tracking down the men they believe to be terrorists but was bored by the journalist/dead fianc. It's Hindi/Bollywood roots litter the film with overacted parts, cheesy music and laugh-out-loud "tension" building melodramatic nonsense. Worth a watch, but has the same overinflated ego that ruined Crash, luckily the script is infinitely superior.

Joshua W (fr) wrote: Very funny movie will keep you laughing. You will how need to know a little bit about gay culture though to understand some of the jokes. All in All a really rgeat movie.

Tj B (ru) wrote: you'll either like it or hate it.there will be no middle ground on this one. I liked it.

Andy F (gb) wrote: Underrated and somewhat gruesome movie that at its time of release was compared to the likes of Hostel. It is a cut above (ahem) most of the other movies of this type (unflatteringly labelled 'torture porn').

Tyler H (ca) wrote: The BEST love story I've ever seen, it's relateble and the acting in it is spectacular from all points of it. Charlie Ray looks like she's been doing this all of her life and yet this is her first film. Spectacular.

Jose R (jp) wrote: Between this movie and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, these movies have made a foreign film fan out of me.

Tommy M (ca) wrote: The soul purpose of the film is to create as many gags as possible, and it succeeds. Aside from that, it is nothing but a satirical testament to grown men acting like idiots, none of whom are capable of loving anything more than their penises

Johnathon W (au) wrote: Delightful biopic that not only represents the best work of all involved, but one of the best movies about film making ever made. Johnny Depp is wonderful in the title role, capturing Wood's sweet & enthusiastic nature, that makes him infectious even when doing crazy stuff, whether it be cross-dressing or breaking into a studio at night. He is matched perfectly by Martin Landau, he transforms into Bella Lugosi, capturing by the tragic nature of the movie star in his twilight years but also the chilling charisma that made him a star. Behind the camera, Burton mimics the style of Ed Wood's film perfectly, making his most original & stylish film while showing the love that goes into movie making. This film is also notable for being one of the first to tackle transgender issues & the stereotypes surrounding them (as Wood must repeatedly say, he's not gay, he's a cross-dresser). He doesn't sugarcoat his subjects though, whether it be Wood's lack of talent as a film-maker (the man made some awful movies) to Lugosi's morphine addiction. Overall, probably Burton's best film to date along with being a love letter to the art of making films even when they are pretty bad.

Leslie S (jp) wrote: man kevin bacon freaked me out in this... let it go man he doesnt want to cross geesh!!!

Aj V (es) wrote: I liked this movie for the most part, the story, sets, and songs go well together, but it could have been better.

Scott C (gb) wrote: I had a feeling I wouldn't like these 'Carry On' movies and I was mostly right about that. There were some okay funny moments, but not enough.

Derek M (gb) wrote: thz to cally,this surprises me as it develops into a detective-like story but still, the life of a chambermiad is told and women were so devalued and poorly portrayedthe opening and ending are both very sudden

Borhan K (gb) wrote: A movie that is really adult definitely not for the kiddies. Ok soo now that i got that outta the way. This movie is about a young girl that is trying to leave her troubles behind her and find out who she is self discovery etc... This movie has a strong cast funny enough.She gets into the porn industry and it glorifies this industry in the movie. the discovery of who she is i feel is left incomplete in the movie and becomes second fiddle to the amount of skin you see in the flick.Could have gone in so many directions but it lost purpose and focus soo at the end you come away with really nothing to show for it. Maybe the director was out of budget.

Dyron W (jp) wrote: A moving and inspiring coming of age comedy.

Elana D (de) wrote: An old fashioned type movie. Sad when it should be sad and happy when it should be happy! I enjoyed Mr. Crowd's acting and I enjoyed the movie. Not to be compared to Gladiator, but I remember when critics gave that movie iffy reviews! Critics can't get it correct all the time!

Jacob G (es) wrote: This is only my second Tati full-length I've seen (the first being Playtime), however, I immediately recognized the way he pulls his unique camera work, stage set-up, and busy shots--all mixed with a perfect soundtrack (both the music and environmental noise).However, while Mon Oncle is strong in the satire of technology and the fiscally well-off, it is TOO strong. After the first half hour, I was like, "I get it. Now make me care." And it doesn't.Doesn't make it a bad movie... I enjoyed it, if for no other reason than Tati's grand aesthetic. And maybe I'll like it more on follow-up views--after all, Terry Jones said in his introduction that he wasn't impressed the first time he saw it.