A Greater Yes: The Story of Amy Newhouse

A Greater Yes: The Story of Amy Newhouse

Amy Newhouse must now fight the biggest battle of her life - cancer. Her open heart to the people of her school now sparks a passionate rally from the community. However, this passion dwindles as her cancer metastasizes. Her cancer seems to miraculously disappear, but just as it seems the community has prevailed and the battle won, Amy discovers that the deadly disease has returned and is incurable. Amy's prayers for healing continue, but with the seemingly dried-up support of her community, and an apparent "no" from God, she dies from the one battle she cannot win. However, with her death comes life and redemption of Pampa High, as her club grows exponentially, redeeming the school of the once-rampant violence, drugs, and alcohol that she so passionately fought against, and proving to all doubters that God has a "Greater Yes" after all. Written by Anonymous

After climbing Pampa High School's popularity chain, taking her volleyball team to the State championship, and founding the school's first drugs, alcohol, and violence-free club, Amy ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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