A Guerra da Beatriz

A Guerra da Beatriz

16 years after Beatriz's husband disappears during a brutal massacre by occupying Indonesian forces, she is troubled by his mysterious return: is he the young man she had lost or is he an impostor?

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A Guerra da Beatriz torrent reviews

AnneLouise S (br) wrote: My two boys initially saw this at the pictures and wanted the DVD because they loved it! Good value for money as they have watched it about 20+ times in less than a week.....hahahaha......kids eh?

Bill T (ca) wrote: I guess you gotta be French in order to really appreciate it's charms. I found it pretty dull.

Brandi A (mx) wrote: I now completely understand why Hollywood actors make the big bucks. BECAUSE THEY CAN ACT!

Jason S (kr) wrote: Great source material made into a dull and boring film.

Josh T (us) wrote: The plot makes sense, Forest Whittaker does not and should of not been in this movie. The location to the film does not match up...

Katy R (au) wrote: I loved it. I cried and it was moving.

Robin H (au) wrote: Don't go expecting nip tuck if you rent this.

Steve W (fr) wrote: A hilarious send up of cooking shows, Stephen Chow's God of Cookery is funny and brilliant. Starting out as an arrogant host and ultimate super chef, Stephen Chow (also the name of the character) finds himself double crossed by his partner, losing out his title of God of Cookery to a protege. He must team up with food market booths in order to reclaim his lost title, in the ultimate battle of chef vs chef.It is filled with all sorts of zany humour. Especially funny is the 18 Bronze Classmen, who simply beat on Stephen Chow every time he disagrees with him. They follow this up with shot them dragging away his lifeless and bleeding body, repeatedly. There is great gags throughout, as it lampoons prestigious cooking shows and martial arts films.Even though its a bit crazy with its humour (sometimes they break the fourth wall), God of Cookery also retains that loveable soul with heartwarming moments and a bit of character development. Its as good as Stephen Chow's more popular films, such as Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer.

Asif H (ag) wrote: Passable, prefered `Garv` and `James`

Hal M (it) wrote: A good Indie film I was fortunate to see on the big screen in Vancouver, B.C. Set in a fairly remote Canadian town, 1950s, the American Cousin is a cool older teenage male who comes to town, setting younger female teen hearts aflutter (while getting himself in typical small-scale adolescent trouble).

Cat P (au) wrote: Meh. I think the storyline is good, but the movie just doesn't deliver on either the gross scale or the scary scale.

Greg R (jp) wrote: Holy crap, every second of the film just screams halloween. The filmmakers just obviously love the holiday and create a totally halloween feel film. Aside from the that, I love the visuals, these are really cool to look at. I highly recommend checking this movie out on the 31st of October.