A Guerra dos Rocha

A Guerra dos Rocha

Clumsy old lady Dina Rocha lives with her son Marcelo. After a series of incidents at home, she moves to her house in Santa Teresa. She meets her friend Nonô and she pays a visit to her old friend. Her sons do not know where she is and they go to the hospitals and morgues. Coincidently there is the body of an old lady smashed by a truck and they believe that she is their mother. Meanwhile two smalltime thieves break in Nonô's house and keep the two old ladies locked in the bathroom. During the funeral of Dina Rocha, the dysfunctional families have a quarrel disputing their heritage.

Clumsy old lady Dina Rocha lives with her son Marcelo that is an aspirant musician supported by his wife Carol. After a series of incidents at home caused by Dina, she moves to her house in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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