A Guy and a Gal

A Guy and a Gal

Hypochondriac Lasse can and does pull the girls with no trouble, although for a short while this causes a real and painful health problem. Meeting Lena while delivering papers - the nearest... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvain Y (gb) wrote: Hilarious! Great spaghetti-like western movie!

Marcus W (us) wrote: A tragic love story with too much tragedy and not enough love.

Uros T (us) wrote: Great and underrated spoof on Apocalypse Now. Super fun, and one of the best titles I've ever came across.

Amar M (mx) wrote: Betty Blue is a very beautiful drama-comedy film. Need to say more?

Justin R (br) wrote: If you're going to base a sci-fi story around a technical premise, why make it so unutterably preposterous? Just because so many other similar films fall into this trap does not excuse Deja Vu. Possibly even worse is the callous treatment of horrific tragedies coupled with the (also irritatingly common) killing off innocent by-standers without a care whilst pretending to care about saving others. Not all bad but grating.

Senor C (gb) wrote: I work in the trucking industry & even though things have changed over the years & your not forced to haul contraband & there isn't the violence involved (unions now protect the little man) big business is still a greedy mother-fucker. The working stiff is really @ their mercy. For how much things have changed it's really just a horse of a different color. Now most loads are secured But I can imagine that for the independent it still is a son of a bitch to support yourself & your family. White Line Fever is a story of a man & his rig who is just trying to make ends meet but big business is just out for the bottom line @ any cost..even murder. A likeable supporting cast here w/ Jan-Michael Vincent, Martin Kove, R G Armstrong & of course Slim Pickens (who I was saddened to see get smoked). If only it had a kickin theme song like Convoy this would be the best Truckpoitation flix out there

Hilary H (au) wrote: This was really funny, and the characters in this movie are so interesting. (even if some a shallow!) You HAVE to see this movie.

Felipe O (ca) wrote: An absolutely brilliant screenplay! JC Chandor is quickly becoming one of my favorite directors. A Most Violent Year got little to no love from the Academy last year but it is important to acknowledge that Chandor hits all points dead on. The performances are solid, the cast is brilliant, the script and dialogue are sophisticated, dynamic, and sensible, while the direction is clear, motivated, and unique. Chandor has a knack for turning otherwise boring and dull concepts into superbly crafted human dramas.

Matthew S (au) wrote: A very dark comedic satire that is uniquely British.

Mimi Maureen M (it) wrote: This movie has it all, compelling characters and story line.