A Hijacking

A Hijacking

Tensions are high after a Danish freighter is captured and held for ransom by Somali pirates, leading to weeks of high-stakes negotiations – and an escalating potential for explosive violence.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Danish,Swedish,English,Japanese,Somali
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pirate,   seaman,   hostage,  

The crew of a Danish cargo ship is hijacked by Somali pirates who proceed to engage in escalating negotiations with authorities in Copenhagen. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando Z (nl) wrote: Great Halloween Movie! part of my Movie Collection.

Ofeli G (kr) wrote: Was OK but not enough story. Ben Whishaw & Abbie Cornish fantastic together.

Peter S (ca) wrote: Wow, what an odd, odd, film. This is one of those films that has an absolutely star studded cast, and tries to be the most frenetic, in your face, over the top animated film ever. However, it tries so hard that it becomes tiring. That's why Seinfeld and other over the top animated films like Shrek and Hoodwinked! worked. They were incredibly hysterical, but they just didn't show evidence of trying too hard, which is what made them succeed. It's not to say that you won't laugh once, or even that the laughs are few and far between. It's just that there's other better, funnier animated films out there. Only watch it out of sheer curiosity of Jerry Seinfeld acting in a feature length film.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Could this be the British werewolf equivalent of 'Aliens'? a group of soldiers forced into a tight space, trapped and being taken down one by one, it does feel like it when you watch. But lets not take anything away from this film, its a low budget basic thriller which works beautifully utilizing all the right tricks in the book. The werewolves are kept out of sight for much of the time, lots of shadows and darkness, a good barren wilderness location, tense sweaty and claustrophobic with some good amounts of gore, not overblown.Marshall really has taken a leaf outta Cameron's book, a leaf? nay...a whole flippin' bush! as previously said the film really is 'Aliens' with werewolves but its so damn fun to watch (and British made) that you have to forgive the blatant concept rip off. The small group of soldiers really work well together and you do care for them as Marshall wisely builds the characters before hand, you know they're all gonna die but never sure which one will remain in tact at the end. Of course everyone is rather cliched and predictable with their dialog and portrayals, Cunningham is the nasty outsider (Burke) who obviously will die but calmly growls and snarls his lines of doom to the rest in the mean time...just asking for it really.Some brilliant sequences that go from outright horror to dark gallows humour such as Pertwee having his bowels/intestines super glued back inside him after a nasty attack. Things get quite tense towards the end as the lycans get too close for comfort and we start to see more glimpses of the pretty solid effects used. Men in suits of course, they do look original in design but a little like overgrown Alsatians with hairless bodies. Some good mechanical mask work but again they don't actually look overly ferocious or scary to me, I really didn't like the hairless muscular body idea.The werewolf vision was pretty neat though, not exactly original these days but at the time it was sweet. A simple steadicam with a wide angle and a slightly undercranked film speed gave a decent eerie beast-like POV.Its gritty dirty bloody basic effortlessly British, has a cool movie poster and you want Cunningham to die right from the very start after he kills that poor doggie. At times it does feel like it could use a bit of Hollywood sheen to really make more of an impact for some sequences and the score seems a tad lackluster. Overall this is a great human vs werewolf flick that really does show what 'Underworld' could of been.

Valeria P (gb) wrote: Good adaptation of the book to film, pretty solid thriller. Reno and Cassel make a good duo trying to catch a killer in a creepy mountain village before they run out of villagers.

Jay A (br) wrote: Great story line... Kinda silly but its what I would call a cute movie. A make you feel good film!!

Fran H (mx) wrote: Possibly the funniest standup routine I've ever seen. I was literally in tears from laughter. At least for the first 45 minutes or so. But when he wanders off into a discussion of his drunken father it got unfunny and boring. Otherwise it was brilliant. But keep in mind this is titled "Raw", and the content is certainly that.

Steve E (it) wrote: "it's nearly happy hour; and there's plenty of coffee!"

Lee M (us) wrote: Ferreri's first English-language film... is more of a collection of disjointed ideas than an actual story.

Kristian S (jp) wrote: awesome direction! Dirk Bogarde is so cool..haha!! funny and great movie in every aspect..reminded slightly Lynch...

Vladimir B (fr) wrote: Tglich Brot, jeden Tag...

Alan W (ca) wrote: This is a good movie

Michael G (fr) wrote: This is one of those movies I'd seen as a kid and have been tearing my hair out trying to remember what it was called in the decades since. Made long before Home Alone and the glut of Home Alone wannabes of the nineties, this film takes the premise of a kid going up against international criminals very seriously. The danger is real, the criminals are competent and brutal and perfectly willing to shoot a child in broad daylight, and people do die over the course of this story, one at the kid's own hand.It's tense, even frightening at times, and if you spent your childhood growing up on those aforementioned Home Alone wannabes as I did, this film is a welcome relief.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Every once in a while a movie comes along that just hooks you and doesn't let go. "American Hustle" is a captivating look at corruption, con artists and the personalities that surround them. When you have a script, a director and four leads who are all top notch the result is an excellent film. Loved Christian Bale, though it was his hair that stole the show. Some perfect cameos make this one of the best films of the year.

Jav M (ru) wrote: Watched the 1st half of the film twice but never managed to finish it.

stefano l (gb) wrote: It totally lacks of suspance and atmosphere. It could really be something better.

Vera B (ru) wrote: What a feel good movie. Simply charming. Showing the courage Eddy the Eagle has got. :-)