A Holy Place

Sveto mesto (A Holy Place, 1990) is based on a literary classic, Nikolai Gogol's 1835 short story, 'Viy'. However, Kadijevic uses it only as a starting point for his own explorations into ...

. . However, Kadijevic uses it only as a starting point for his own explorations into . Sveto mesto (A Holy Place, 1990) is based on a literary classic, Nikolai Gogol's 1835 short story, 'Viy'

A Holy Place is a excited movies torrent of Nikolai Gogol (story "Vij"), Djordje Kadijevic. The released year of this movie is 1990. You can check list actors in this movie torrents, for example Dragan Jovanovic, Branka Pujic, Aleksandar Bercek, Mira Banjac, Danilo Lazovic, Maja Sabljic, Predrag Miletic, Rados Bajic, Dragan Petrovic, Dusan Janicijevic, Mihajlo-Bata Paskaljevic, Igor Pervic, Dragan Zaric, Slavoljub Plavsic-Zvonce, Dragomir Stanojevic. Movie' genres are Horror. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 7.6 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movies torrent. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Ale (ca)

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Oh, my god! What a sit!!!!Everything is terrible

Bily T (jp)

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t bad though for 80's. . . ending was kinda crappy. interesting movie

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Not ended very well. Interesting

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Just brilliant, and funny