A Holy Terror

A Holy Terror

Eastern millionaire's son Bard finds his father murdered and flies west to see rancher Drew who may know something about it. En route he crashes his plane into Jerry's bathroom; she falls in love with him which makes her suitor Steve jealous.

Eastern millionaire's son Bard finds his father murdered and flies west to see rancher Drew who may know something about it. En route he crashes his plane into Jerry's bathroom; she falls ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Indie m (it) wrote: As the first person in Rotton tomatoe land to write a review, evreyone should be happy the didn't have to see this. This is not a B-movie, this is not a C-movie, this something a 4 year would go outside and shoot in his backyard. I only lasted 30 minutes, than for the first time in history I stopped midway through the movie. The acting was atrocious, special effects were terrible, and I found 0 reason to watch this movie. Even if your a fan of this genre (like me) you should NEVER watch this movie.

Ian M (mx) wrote: One movie to seriously check out....

Joe B (gb) wrote: Boring, and hard to follow.. It sucked!!! Now, I'm a huge marvel diehard... And I'm a huge fan of everything marvel has to offer! I love marvel comics and their movies, but this one just sucked!! Such a waste of time! I love Ghost Rider from the comics but this movie was awful!!! The only cool part of this movie was seeing ghost rider himself, and the intro of the marvel comics with ghost rider but the movie wasn't good at all!

Kristy P (jp) wrote: A lot along the lines of Dazed And Confused...no point whatsoever. There were a few funny parts, and of course Ben Affleck is indeed in it, but otherwise it's a waste of time.

Daniel L (es) wrote: Most movies with unusual or unrealistic plots make some effort to make the unusual or unrealistic seem possible. This movie does no such things. We see Goldie Hawn fire up a team of inner city kids by showcasing her prowess as a marathon runner, by telling off her husband, and by giving some less-than-inspiring speeches. On top of that, the actual football scenes look like they were written and directed by someone who has never seen the game played before. I found myself still watching this movie to see how much worse it could possibly get.

Brian C (au) wrote: Well, that was ... a thing. That happened. That probably shouldn't have.

nipp s (ca) wrote: The final installment, I guess they were cranking these out a little to fast since it appears that fans at the time weren't into this one. Most people I know that made it past the shitty 3rd movie liked this one the best of the five (mine's the 4th) but yeah it's time to put humans in their proper place! Stupid fucking humans!

Tim S (jp) wrote: I Married a Witch is a charming and simple comedy starring Veronica Lake and Fredric March. It's about a beautiful witch who accidentally falls in love with a human in modern times after being banished for nearly 300 years. The problem is that he is running for governor and is about to be married to another. The witch's father, who has been cursing her would-be lover's bloodline for centuries, is against their union and means to stop it altogether. If this sounds like the synopsis to Bewitched to you, you're not far off. Apparently the producers of the hit TV show were partly inspired by it. Today, it has been mostly forgotten but is now being revived thanks to Turner Classic Movies and, of course, The Criterion Collection. It's a bit of a screwball comedy with a genuine love story going on in it. Veronica Lake is breathtaking, as always, and March plays springboard off of her character quite well. It's a very lighthearted comedy that's very sweet and has a happy ending, with the message that "love is stronger than witchcraft." Enjoying it is likely to be essential for most people, especially around Halloween.

Eric J (gb) wrote: Very light-hearted western. Had loads of laughs (albeit dated humor) and great dialogue. Stewart and Dietrich were divine together

Cattera Y (de) wrote: Funny Peoplea story about dying man making fun of his pain is not funny, but story about a disease that could change somebody's life is enchanting. Funny People won't satisfy the audiences as a comedy film but this movie is almost perfect as a drama film.

Daniel P (au) wrote: Crass and lightweight, but certainly not without its charms, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist unevenly alternates between sweetness and crudity.

Harry W (de) wrote: With my standard for Species films being dropped significantly below the quality of the first two for the sake of the awful Species III, I pretty much just watched Species: The Awakening because it was taking up space on my shelf and I felt a need to let it all end.It almost isn't worth writing a review about Species: The Awakening, but I have to anyway. Essentially, its story is uncreative and cries out as being worse than the quality of the stories in its predecessors which were more than too weak to begin with. When you think the series couldn't sink any lower, it comes out with weaker visual effects, dumber writing and just a sh*tload more stupidity from the depths of the outhouse it was left in.Species: The Awakening attempts to introduce a new concept to the series, but it is so ignorantly handled that without failure it stumbles below the B-Movie stories in its predecessors and ends up being just another forgettable low-budget science fiction television movie. If it didn't have the name Species in it, then it would ever receive the recognition that it had because the entire film is unrelated to the rest of the series, so it's another example of a film sequel with nothing to do with the original but the same title for the sake of hopefully experiencing some success. Unfortunately, with that it ensures that it carries the same lacklustre name as the series. Species would do better as a pornographic series, a series of films about killer sexy aliens as they have sex with men and kill them, but as it is simply a series of crappy low-budget science fiction features, the entertainment value is simply insufficient. Species: The Awakening is No problem longer as sexy as the previous films because it lacks the necessary nudity to have slight entertainment, and has even less blood and gore. So watching Species: The Awakening is not something audiences do. They endure it, as it is below toleration. Of I hadn't made the mistake of purchasing Species: The Awakening, I would have turned it off halfway through. But instead I went through the trouble of sitting through it to the end which is more trouble than making a piece of crap like this with visual effects lesser than the quality of Ed Wood's if he was still making films today. So yeah, it is easy to forget Species: The Awakening, so be willing to forget to watch it.

Jay B (kr) wrote: I mean... it is nice to see an R rated Batman outing, but the animation here is dull and the story just isn't that interesting. If anything, the swearing and the bat sex just make it awkward.