A Janela (Maryalva Mix)

A Janela (Maryalva Mix)

An experimental and surreal film, a mix of weird and unusual "avant-gard" cinematography with some traditional icons of the Portuguese culture, like Fado or the typical neighbourhoods of Lisbon, in this case the "Bica" is a typical neighbourhood which is used as setting to the plot.

An experimental and surreal film, a mix of weird and unusual "avant-gard" cinematography with some traditional icons of the Portuguese culture, like Fado or the typical neighbourhoods of Lisbon, in this case the "Bica" is a typical neighbourhood which is used as setting to the plot. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Melodie L (es) wrote: It's really funny and a good movie

Scott T (ca) wrote: Gritty British drama, good film , good story , great ending

Edward C (it) wrote: hilarious in every way.

BRANDY (ca) wrote: i love lifetime movies

Brian K (fr) wrote: another great Marisa Tomei performance

Ronny O (de) wrote: Definitely one of the weirdest movies I've seen. Lemmy plays an illegal arms dealer, and gets away with it, it's not too far away from his natural character. The movie has a kind of an anarchist-revolutionary anti-politician plot. Musical score by Motorhead. Worth seeing out of curiosity, and Lemmy of course!!

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Bradford G (gb) wrote: One of the best world war II movie ever made. any guy how does not like it should just go back to watching their copy of Fried green tomatoes.

Henri S (ag) wrote: Impressive, but unfortunately historically inaccurate. Harris seemed to have been really an angry young man for this movie.

Dan G (kr) wrote: One of the rare occasions that we get a female protagonist in a straight-up noir tale, "Phantom Lady" was a real treat.

Matthew B (mx) wrote: The life and times of Charlie Chaplin: from his first stage performance before the age of ten to Vaudeville, to Mack Sennett's movies, to making his own movies, to winning an Oscar. Robert Downey Jr. was a great casting choice in the film, the movie started of great but then the movie went a bit boring.

Tsukasa A (ag) wrote: Based on the young adult novel by Meg Rosoff, the post-apocalyptic drama portrays an American teenage girl who amends her attitude to her life after young love and crisis of life. Saoirse plays the girl nicely reflecting changes within. Nature in the English countryside is beautiful.

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Marcus W (fr) wrote: Hepburn and Fonda are better than this melodramatic gumpf. One for grandparents.

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