A kékszakállú herceg vára

A kékszakállú herceg vára


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A kékszakállú herceg vára torrent reviews

Mark M (jp) wrote: A lot of fun, well acted, great dialogue

Manus T (us) wrote: Top Film! I read the book first and was so close to the book it was amazing, for a directorial debut my hat is off to matthew vaughn... The cast was well picked so well and daniel craig isnt on my list of great actors but in this film he had me convinced and did i mention michael gambon steals the show with that dumbeldore voice of his

Josh M (es) wrote: Absolutely brilliant.

Leena L (it) wrote: "talking about music/love is like dancing about architecture".Interesting mix of big name actors. fascinating. Relationships. Bloody complicated."I never knew happiness until I met your mom, and then it was too late..."

Marc H (de) wrote: Pretty good movie. Good acting- even whoopi did alright. Memorable as well. Saw in theaters when it came out in the 90s and remembered most all of it. James Woods is also impressive. See it once- good story..and a true one

Todd S (jp) wrote: 1991 US Director: Fred Olen Ray Score: 2 Aside from the brief nudity this one reminded me of the afternoon kid's shows that I used to watch in my youth...but not in a good way. The production values are laughable. The SFX are ridiculous and wince inducing. The soundtrack is awful. The acting is bad enough that it isn't even funny to watch after a while. The plot is a bad dime store clich story. Just don't do it. Stay away from this one, for the sake of the time you would waste watching it that you'll never get back in your life. Notes: HV-BN Suggested Age: 13+

Alexander C (br) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Nadeem M (ca) wrote: What a crazy film! "Hysterical bitches"!!!!! - just watched the DVD and in that it is translated as "Hysterical Sisters" - such a disappointment!!!!! On a serious note though, this is unlike anything you may have seen before, the blasphemy will shock some people, the sexual content will please others. If you like 'trashy' cinema from the 70s then this is a must-see.

Scott R (nl) wrote: The struggles of Italians in New York City trying to make it big.

Matt F (jp) wrote: Well it's no Robinson Crusoe On Mars.

Agnieska J (ru) wrote: A good movie. Williams played very well.

Siddharth K (ca) wrote: The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning of GB's story is a picturesque holiday. The movie feels like a set of paintings drawn on a long canvas that rolls in front of us. Refreshing color schemes, scintillating music and deft picturing made this an intense yet light-hearted narration.

Fong K (kr) wrote: An awfully sweet comedy about a pair of mother and son on a coming-of-age road trip. A must-see for children who have overly protective mothers who worry too much, save too much, talk too much, dispense unnecessary advices too much and essentially, love their children too much.