A Knight in Camelot

A Knight in Camelot

Yet another variation on Mark Twain's "A Connecticut Yankee At King Arthur's Court." Here, a computer malfunction causes a science researcher to be sent back in time with her laptop, which she uses to amaze the court.

A computer malfunction causes a science researcher to be sent back in time with her laptop, which she uses to amaze the court. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


A Knight in Camelot torrent reviews

Hum D (kr) wrote: I really enjoyed it. I came across it on my a Time Warner movie channel. It kept my interest, very creative and fun.

Donna L (ru) wrote: I wish it would have been more about the other earth, but it was still ok.

Waqas I (gb) wrote: like the appearance of gal..:)

Peter M (br) wrote: Easily Mike Myers best acting. I was not alive for the madness that occurred in this club but the film paints an authentic picture.

Ruby D (us) wrote: I believe that I have probably seen all the Lassie movies ever put out. Lassie movies are by far my most favorite movie. It is a clean, safe movie for family, friends and children.

Simon S (kr) wrote: I used to think that the 80s was full of shlock college films like this, until I realised they never stopped making them.. (American Pie, Road Trip, etc etc etc)

Private U (au) wrote: I was really excited when I heard that there was a new Dracula coming out. Alas, this is pretty... um... sucky (no pun intended). It should be called "Made For TV Film with Characters with the Same Name as Those in Bram Stoker's Dracula But With Little Resemblance to the Plot of Said Book" I wouldn't mind if they did that and the changes were positive, but they're just... ???? Marc Warren is the only reason to watch this. His portrayal of Dracula is new and fresh and inspiring.

Mike J (jp) wrote: I used to have a crush on Geena Davis. I used to watch this all the time as a kid.

Austin W (jp) wrote: this film is one of the worst films of all time theres basically nothing good about this film accept for the fact that it wasnt a vulgar and disgusting as garbage pail kids. add that with the fact it scared the crap out of me as a kid and you got yourself a crap sandwich.

taylor (nl) wrote: I knew what was gonna happen but the acting was good.

Movie K (es) wrote: Good action movie about terrorism. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a smart CIA agent but he wish to be in field ops. His boss Richard Durden want him to plant a chip in the foreign ambassador office. Jonathan stick a chewing gum to it but can't stick to the under table. He manage to staple it when all left. His girlfriend Kasia Smutniak prepare dinner with him but the boss tells him to fly off for a mission immediately. She propose to him instead. Travel to France to meet his partner John Travolta, who is a crazy dude. He insist to bring in his bag of energy drinks which the custom disapprove. Jonathan has no choice but to stick a sticker "diplomatic mail" and get it pass. John later reveal those cans are actually hiding his personal revolver parts. As they were arguing about Chinese dish in a restaurant, John ask a waiter how to say egg in mandarin and the waiter is 4th generation so he don't know. John point the gun at him and soon all the staff shoot at him. John kills them all and shoot the pillar, the cocaine all flow down like sand. They follow the waiter. John tell Jonathan this mission is by Secretary of Defense because his niece is having party and was overdose on this joint. Some local street gangsters find them trouble. John easily dispose them all. Duo enter a room with kids performing and John point the gun at a boss demanding to know where is the cocaine from. The henchmen chase after them. John kills them all in a gunfight. Jonathan call his boss who assure him John is the top operative although his method is unorthodox. John ask him to snot some of the coke and tells him the ops is actually about terrorists converting cash into drugs to go undetected. John order a hooker and Jonathan saw Kasia while in the elevator. Again it is another mission to look out at the bank the terrorist use. They follow the lead and reach another building. Pretending to buy coke, they reverse the situation with some violence. John descend from upper floor to crash into the drug unit. Jonathan wait outside but the door is wired with bombs. The baddie who came out of the bank is caught by Jonathan. He use his gun to his own mouth and shoot. John activate the vest bomb and throw it down the pick up car of the escape baddies and all are bomb to bits. In another room, the wall have many photos of Jonathan. The police arrive and Jonathan want to stop them from triggering the door rigged with bombs but John stop him. Jonathan tried but its too late. They escape in the police car. Jonathan want to get his own car. John reverse other cars and bang into the car and it got blown up by bomb. Kasia text Jonathan to go home for dinner and he bring John. Later when her friend receive a phone call finding Rose, John is alerted and shot her dead. He tell Jonathan the apartment is rigged with bugs and Kasia is also baddie. He bet the ring Jonathan is wearing is also a tracker. John put in near the stereo and it give out noise. Kasia take a gun from under table and shot Jonathan. John chase after her on roof top but she escape in a car. Later on the team find many bugs in the house. Kasia call Jonathan and says 6 years ago a man makes her see the purpose through faith and she didn't want to hurt Jonathan. The US delegation arrive for a summit. John feel they want to hit them. While on the road, John saw the pick up car. Jonathan think if the target are the delegates, why wire his apartment. He found a drawing and ask John to confirm if she is in the car. It is a mannequin and Jonathan rush to the summit. The delegate convoy refuse to take another route after receive the threat intel. John shot the car down with bazooka before it hit the convoy. John warn Jonathan that Kasia will probably wear the bomb vest and to kill her in the head. Jonathan can't pass through the security check as his pass is denied. He call out to Richard who let him through. He don't believe Jonathan story and his gun is impound. Jonathan goes inside to try find Kasia and manage to do so. The guards aim at him while he aim at Kasia. She reveal the vest bomb and everyone point at her. Jonathan can't talk sense into her and he shot her head. The delegate is angry to get delay. John sarcasm praise their job as getting compliments from their hardwork. He pass Jonathan the photo of the couple as memento. John want to play chess with Jonathan as they are about to leave and they are possibly going to be partners in future.

Graydon B (ag) wrote: While it has some funny and beautiful moments, Ratatouille is a forgettable film personally. Linguini is bland as tofu, Remi is ok but doesn't have much depth, and the story (while kind of unique) is not very exciting or great. A cute, but forgettable effort.

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: I love this film the directing is good the acting is silly and over the top but in amazing way the plot is perfect for this type of film there some great action sequences the characters a like able there some fun dialogue in this film overall if you just wanna watch an over the top film I definitely recommend it is super short to

Nic O (es) wrote: If I didn't care for seeing the whole thing I would've walked out after the first 10 minutes.