A Lady of Chance

A Lady of Chance

A con-woman working the Atlantic City hotels targets a visiting businessman from Alabama. Silent.

Seasoned grifter Dolly Crandall returns to the 'badger game' but has a change of heart when she falls in love with a young man she believes is a rich Southerner. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David L (au) wrote: When you just want to spend an evening vegging on the couch, what better way to do it than to stick a random and totally farfetched mutation of a creature feature on. This doesn't try to confuse or be anything other than what you assume from the title, it's just a badly computer generated depiction of a piranha head with a snake like body that has of course grown to that realistic type length of 100ft, and can bring down helicopters from the air at will - everyday kinda stuff really! Starring Michael Madsen and Rachel Hunter, it really has that sort of bad ass lads movie etched all over it, and although its totally crap, which the director will know as well, because it doesn't take itself seriously, it really sort of makes it good in a strange manner - maybe a bit like chocolate, naughty but nice. It's full of girls who typically can't act and parade around in bikinis before being slaughtered without having the opportunity of speaking any scripted lines. It then has Madsen who performs his stoned looking chilled out role of being a professor who's been hunting the beast for 20 years. Now he finally stumbles across it in the jungle of where a film shoot of some b horror movie is taking place (hence all the brain dead tarts in the film), and despite the attentions of some local mobsters trying to hold all the cast and crew hostage for some ransom, he still manages to whittle his way coolly and calmly, reservoir dog style, out of their clutches in order to try and steal the precious egg that is the offspring of the fierce piranhaconda. This is ideal Friday night viewing with a couple of beers, something which is so not complex, you could follow it with ease after 20 pints. I perhaps wouldn't become overly engrossed with watching this same movie again, but I'd certainly love to trial another of the various blends of mutated creature features that are out there.

Vlad D (fr) wrote: Personaje foarte bine construite (TM)i nea(TM)teptat de credibile. Presta>ia Monici B (R)rldeanu este impresionant. Scenariul (TM)i regia nu ies (R)n eviden> dar sunt fr (R)ndoial din categoria celor bune din cinematografia romneasc post-decembrist. Mi-a(TM) dori totu(TM)i s trecem odat la etapa post-post-decembrist. Una peste alta, filmul merit vzut mai mult dect altele din cinematografia autohton, a(TM)a (R)nct (R)l recomand, mcar pentru text (TM)i presta>iile actorilor.

Kelly K (nl) wrote: Poignant, surreal and absolutely beautiful. Hal Holbrook is the most believable actor I have seen to date. This film is a must see.

Mani M (gb) wrote: Scenario construit sur une premisse tres tentante qui vaut le detour (scene d'anniversaire), mais le resultat laisse pas mal a desirer: le systematisme saute aux yeux et la fin n'en devient que plus previsible et decevante. Dupontel s'applique.

Luke B (nl) wrote: An excellent companion piece to the widely recognised Food, Inc. The Future of Food focuses more on the scientific breakthroughs of the last 20 years. It shows how the genetically modified seeds have crossed with those that are harvested by farmers that wish to have no part in this corporate game. These farmers are not to be sued for having patented crops they never wanted in the first place. It's a rich and complex issue, as the dream of cheap and healthy food for all has evolved into a sickening game of chase the cash. Yet another damning of the capitalist nature of America, it preaches for a more simplified world or organic farming. Heavy on the science and low on the sentiment, this is an educational documentary that opens the eyes.

James J (kr) wrote: Entertaining solely for Samuel L. Jackson's performance. Everything else is mediocre. The directing tends to be sentimental and cutesy, which is highly irritating. The story here is good but its predictability and lack of inventiveness makes it shallow. Blah.

xxxJenni P (ca) wrote: Plot Outline:Shy San Franciscan Zoe is a twenty-something love-starved animator who spends countless hours listening to KXCH Cherish radio, losing herself in a syrupy romantic fantasy of '70s and '80s pop songs. Her mushy world is shattered, however, when a policman is hit and killed in a mysterious car accident, the assailant flees the scene and Zoe is unfairly left facing a vehicular homicide charge. While awaiting trial, Zoe is confined to house arrest, where she alternates falling in love with her frequent visitor and parole officer, Daly, and trying to prove her innocence to regain her life and freedom.

Hias L (fr) wrote: vilsmaier for president

Marilee A (mx) wrote: Gotta Love a Bad Ass Assain Femme Fetal that does bad so good you'll NEVER forget her, there are scenes in here that will stay with you always,Wow,Cold Blooded

Kevin R (fr) wrote: You don't listen to me so good, do you? Machine Gun Kelly is a man on the run after a bank robbery goes bad. Kelly is fortunate that he has a girl as clever as he is as they look to continue to execute jobs while alluding the police. As Kelly begins assembling a new crew, he has trust issues and may begin working with guys more crooked then him or perhaps some undercover cops. "A slap is better than no touch at all." Roger Corman, director of Deathsport, Wild Angels, The Masque of Red Death, A Time for Killing (1967), The Terror, The Raven, and The Haunted Palace, delivers Machine-Gun Kelly. The storyline for this picture is wonderful and reminded me of Public Enemies (the John Dillinger story). The acting was outstanding and Charles Bronson delivered a remarkable performance as the lead character. "Go ahead, apple, and I'll peal and carve you." I ran a query of Roger Corman pictures about a month ago on my DVR and this film popped up. I had never heard of this movie but who am I to turn down an opportunity to watch a Charles Bronson picture. Bronson delivers a charismatic performance and does a great job depicting Kelly as the ultimate tough guy. I strongly recommend watching this film if you enjoy gangster pictures. "I don't understand." "You don't have to. Scream and you die." Grade: A

Brian K (jp) wrote: although it's a little bit of a rip oof of gone with the wind it still is a good film. montgomery and elizabeth are always worth seeing together in a film since they are both brilliant actors in no matter what they do.but the real reason to see this is for elizabeth taylor's performance,absolutely brilliant.many think that giant is the film that helped her grow more and more but actually i believe that her performance in this shows that

Eduardo B (kr) wrote: This is a hostage horror flick that flips into reverse. Very dark, a bit messy, but quite engaging.