A Lawless Street

A Lawless Street

A Marshal must face unpleasant facts about his past when he attempts to run a criminal gang out of town.

A Marshal must face unpleasant facts about his past when he attempts to run a criminal gang out of town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Betsy D (it) wrote: Great music and very emotional... Loved the ending!

Barry N (jp) wrote: Really cute and mould-breaking, highly recommended.

Nathan M (nl) wrote: Or What You'd Expect From A Love Story Set in 19th Century France...

TONY n (kr) wrote: its ok but as ever peter mullans and gary lewis performances are on top form cant say the script holds alot tho i saw this film at the edinburgh film festival 06 its not out yet

Vince B (us) wrote: Worst movie EVER... Unfortunately, I will not be able to reclaim that 94 minutes of my life back.

Anita R (mx) wrote: Holy super cute movie!

wild willie n (es) wrote: i have no idea why i didn't mind DEATH SHIP. no idea since nothing really happens in it. There are no real cool deaths, the soundtrack isn't really special. Maybe its because George Kennedy and Richard Crenna are in it. I don't know. The ship itself was damn cool though. Worth a watch.

Steve E (ca) wrote: DO NOT READ MY REVIEW IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS LITTLE GEM OF A FILM, BECAUSE IT WILL SURELY INFLUENCE YOUR OPINIONS AND JUDGEMENTS OF THIS FILM, WATCH IT FIRST. ONLY ONCE YOU'VE SEEN IT, THEN COME BACK AND READ MY REVIEW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!A classic Jesus Franco vampire film, perhaps his best, although I haven't seen his 'Daughter of Dracula', and his newer vampire films, but Female Vampire is highly original, and has the trademark Franco touches, while Franco was by that time an expert on eroticism and soft-porno, and that was during the 'Deep Throat' revolution in the early 70's, and he was able to capitalize on the new-born lucrative mass-market porno industry. But he didn't just make bland porno films. Although Deep Throat is far from bland, it is more hardcore than Female Vampire, and more real as far as sex is concerned, yet Female Vampire has an erotic flair that Deep Throat may never have, I can't say this for sure because I haven't seen Deep Throat yet, I only read about it. Lina Romay is sexy, and even though she is a mute in this film, she is very captivating and gives a top performance of a totally uninhibited lustful perverted murdering vampire, and only back in those days could a female vampire dress in such a sexy and fantastic way, and seem real. This film is a perfect blend of ; art film cinema-erotic-horror-70's kitsch-poetic-dreamy, with the master's touch of course, the unique Jesus Franco himself. I cannot unfortunately give the film more than 2 stars at this time, since there were times I did feel bored while watching it last night. Had there been a twist maybe, a faster-paced narration, some real sexual involvement by the male actors instead of their faked orgasms, and most of all, should have included a little bit of drama. There is not much dialogue in this film, which may be a blessing in giving it a poetic element, but if it had had a little more close-up dialogue scenes, I might have gotten more involved in the film, more entranced. And I saw the English dub, which was not bad, but had some obvious glitches, and after I finished watching the whole movie, I checked the French dub, and it does sound better than the English dub, so a re-watching of this film in the French language which this DVD has, I will do in the future, it should be a more pleasurable experience, and I understand French perfectly, so I know it will be much better, besides, Franco spoke French much better than he spoke English, and French is a language much more similar to Spanish than English will ever be.The DVD I have has both French and English language options, it's in it's original theatrical widescreen format, and is a fine quality DVD as far as sound and picture is concerned, and if there are cuts, they would be very minimal. I heard that my DVD is one of the most complete version of this film, if not the most, and it did not appear to have added scenes from other films, like sex scenes, or gory scenes. The DVD I have is from Image Entertainment and Called : FEMALE VAMPIRE (the EuroShock Collection). Excellent DVD. A last note ; about the camerawork and the zooms, or zoom-outs, at times they are simply fantastic. However, some camera panning movements are also at times slighly jerky, and the excessive use of the zoom although it's done for the most part with a mastery of the style it creates, is a little distracting from the movie. Otherwise all said and done, this film is a cult-classic from one of the most influential and personal untampered with vision filmmaker-director of the 1960's and 1970's wild and profound decades.

Nishanth R (gb) wrote: Poetry in motion using images. I've never seen anybody carry it off in such a wonderful way as Ray. Story isn't that great considering his other works, but still should be counted as one of his best works.