A Less Bad World

A Less Bad World

A woman reunites with her husband, who vanished on her years ago.

A woman reunites with her husband, who vanished on her years ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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A Less Bad World torrent reviews

Ethan L (de) wrote: Something truly special. A+

Drew D (kr) wrote: hahaha.....sounds like it could be ok

Frances H (nl) wrote: One of my childhood favorites and my Dad's favorite movies--he loved the books as a kid, and so did I. I know the critics didn't like it, but I did. And I always love Leslie Bricusse's music.

Georgia C (ca) wrote: This is one of the most exciting films ever

william b (ca) wrote: Blonde goddess, Kim Novak, saves mortal from two hells, one which he lives in and one that lives inside him. Great build up to surprising ending.

Miss Brooke D (jp) wrote: MAY CONTAIN SPOLERS. It's very noticeable that they refined the motion capture and the overall look (great hair, clothing fluidity), but it's such a shame that the story is actually pointless, and there is no clear lesson to learn. Is it about standing up for your opinions? Or is making a point that disobedience is okay? I don't want to give too much away but the plot involves "Giselle" and "Swan Lake." And it's odd that they didn't RE-cast her as the lead in The Nutcracker as well (although the lead characters ARE present in this movie, sort of). Dialogue is weak and the storyline is a mess. This movie might just be FOR KIDS after all. I had high hopes for it though, because Princess & the Popstar, Princess Charm School, and The Mermaid Tale series were actually good. BTW, I saw this with my three-year old. She enjoyed watching the dance routines though.

Aj S (it) wrote: It brings you into the story and makes you feel like you're along for the journey

Alejandro L (it) wrote: Es como una gran mezcla de violencia, oscuridad, maldad, adornada con una cereza (Keira) que no da la talla del papel. Para quienes les gusta este tipo de peliculas regular.

Timothy B (mx) wrote: loved it!!! first time a movie got me to buy the book