A Letter of Fire

A Letter of Fire

A schoolboy and his friend are caught at school looking at pornography on the computer. Punished, they wrongly believe that the police are going to arrest them so they hide in an abandoned building and as the boys feel cornered, and fearing for their lives, one of them accidentally kills a prostitute with a dagger thinking she was a mugger...

In this over-the-top melodrama from Sri Lanka a 12 Year old boy (Isham Samzudeen) is accused of the murder of a Courtseen. Although not banned, the Sri Lanka board tried to revoke the films... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin G (fr) wrote: Comdie franaisse plutt sympathique , les amateurs du genre mtal (voir rock) y trouveront leur compte. Plusieurs clin d'oeils humoristique.

Zaenal A (gb) wrote: filmnya seintim posternya. :D

Brian C (mx) wrote: Good story, but so slow.

Jacob B (us) wrote: The only good thing about this movie is that the romance between the two leads actually takes time to develop. But other than that, the script is terrible and some of its violent moments are laughable.

Jessica L (es) wrote: I don't really know how I feel about this movie...I guess I was expecting the movie to be very different from what it actually is. I expected more female assassin stunts action...like from the movie Salt...but this movie focused more on the character development of the main lead Hanna. Slowly learning about who Hanna really is is quite interesting indeed. Overall still a great action movie.

Nishad M (ca) wrote: coool....thalaivaaaa neee vaalga

Alexander Y (mx) wrote: The dialogue is often wooden and cheesy. The actors uniformly bad, apart from the two main actors. As a result most of the conversations that take place lack a natural flow. Also, do not watch this movie for its technical merits. The score, in particular, is edited poorly, often times so out of place it is jarring. Still, the action is effective and efficient, not beautifully choreographed, but with enough power that it delivers. The hero is never really challenged in the entire movie but it works because who doesn't want to root for an ex-con with a heart of gold. The only other notable performance comes from the film's main antagonist who has a surprising amount of depth.

Panta O (ru) wrote: Interesting and orthodoxly made documentary about the noted underground cartoonist Robert Crumb and his family, which took nine years to be completed. The director Terry Zwigoff won widespread acclaim for this work of art about the controversial artist. Jeffery M. Anderson (later critic for the San Francisco Examiner) placed the film on his list of the ten greatest films of all time, labelling it "the greatest documentary ever made." I would not go even close that statement, because it is a typical talking documentary, with interviews about childhood, portrayal of his family and friends, his life philosophy and examples of his work. The guy is an odd one but he is amazing artist who makes this documentary interesting, his humour adds the entertainment, and his family adds reality and tragedy. Walking the fine edge between life and death, with the dark thought always present in the background, his saviour is his art, R-rated but, for him, liberating and invigorating.The story of Crumb is real, and it is all about the experiences and characters of the Crumb family, particularly Robert Crumb's brothers, Maxon and Charles, his wife and children... sadly, his sisters declined to be interviewed, but I understand that if you take that all three brothers were growing as social misfits, and the oldest committed a suicide only a year after the documentary was shown, living secluded life in his room for many years before that. Of course, Zwigoff had the consent of the Crumb brothers, some questioned the ability of the more disturbed brothers to provide that consent, because even in the movie, Charles, the oldest brother (they are all amazing artists), in the beginning refused to be a part of it.Robert Crumb initially did not want to make the film, but eventually agreed. There was a rumour that Terry Zwigoff made Crumb cooperate by threatening to shoot himself. During the nine years that it took to make the documentary Zwigoff said he was "averaging an income of about $200 a month and living with back pain so intense that I spent three years with a loaded gun on the pillow next to my bed, trying to get up the nerve to kill myself." If you are in a mood to watch a provocative and haunting documentary about one of the best cartoon artists of the 20th century (Time magazine art critic Robert Hughes calls him "the Brueghel of the last half of the 20th century") , do not miss this one, regardless the fact that Robert Crumb and wife Aline had drawn a "scornful" cartoon about the film in The New Yorker.

Alvin Y (it) wrote: Exotica, Great MoviesWith a title called *Exotica*, I'm sure it's an adult film or Playboy Magazine special. Well, it's all that jazz! This is a rich, textured, beautiful but sad and painful film to watch. From the moment the film opens, characters start to sink us into their dark inside. I just simply left wanting more or wanting to see it again as it ends. It has a lot to say to us and to the characters as well. Don't also expect madness nudity here, because it ain't really worth it. People like Francis, Eric, and Tomas are not into obsessed with sex or pride, they want to redeem or heal theirselves for what may have happened to them earlier in the film. Francis thinks going into the club can make him happy again, he has a wife and daughter but are killed in an accident, would he accept grievance to this? He also babysits his niece, Tracy, does he then want to rape her? Not that I know. Also, he stays a few hours in the office of Tomas to work with something. Now, Tomas is this kind of a criminal person but he doesn't look like a criminal to me, he's rather a lonely and pitiful person who makes living by smuggling animals and paying a ticket to some stranger. And who's Eric then? He's the DJ and also the ex-boyfriend of this Cristina, but he still feels in love with her, and feels jealous seeing her with another guy on the club dancing with that guy, who is then, Francis. I know that is a very complicated plot connection, but when you watch it, you will forget the plot, but not the connection of the characters together, interesting! Also, this Cristina character isn't typically that person that you want to have sex, she's more than a person who does her job but feels despair on her situation in and out of the bar. There is also a connection between Francis and Tracy's dad, Tomas and Cristina, and Francis and the club's manager, which truly revives the film's sadness to hope. I'm aware that the director is not interested in a typical standard entertainment movie, he's rather than interested in revoking the story to make the film vivid to the spirit of the people involved. And I've never seen any film ever at all set in a club with some tensions going on and also depending to some of the uninteresting stuff, like...Once again, Exotica is a special film, and an exotic masterpiece not in storytelling, but in making the characters look cynical to each other. I really love to see more films like this one, truly no love story, truly no sex, and mostly, no one killed at the end. They all want to make peace and respect but would they make it? If all of this doesn't make sense, then see for yourself, it's simple, but truly you will never go to any club ever again after seeing this!

Super K (fr) wrote: That kid was too whiny made me want to shoot her and mount her head on the wall instead of the deer.

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Appreciated it so much especially because it was true story..and loved the documentary feel at times..good performances too

Mohammed A (it) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ted T (ag) wrote: Very well done movie. Great acting. Great story. loved it. a real must see movie.

EQ R (es) wrote: A very slow, character-driven film that boasts a strong cast with a stand-out performance from Ben Kingsley. Recommend for fans of slow-burn thrillers, nothing very memorable but you won't regret watching it either. C+

Greg R (au) wrote: Robert Zemeckis' debut film is an underrated, somewhat forgotten comedy film that to my mind deserves more attention.

Johannes J (ag) wrote: Dick: "What's the matter with him? He'd rather talk to a woman than drink?"Tim Hynes: "Schoolteacher."Dick: "Oh."