A Letter to Elia

A Letter to Elia

Director Martin Scorsese speaks candidly and passionately about one of his formative filmmaking influences: the late Elia Kazan. Utilizing precisely chosen clips from Kazan's signature films including "On the Waterfront," "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Gentleman's Agreement," "Baby Doll," "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn," "A Face in the Crowd," "America, America," and "The Last Tycoon," and interview footage of the director himself, co-directors Scorsese and Kent Jones recount the director's tumultuous journey from the Group Theatre to the Hollywood A-list to the thicket of the blacklist. But most of all, they make a powerful case for Kazan as a profoundly personal artist working in a famously impersonal industry.

A documentary on the late Elia Kazan. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gabe L (nl) wrote: It's scary, really, what goes on in a normal day inside the NYT building.I saw this at an advance screening held by the Gold Coast International Film Festival, and, I admit, I was a little scared. It's maddening, but it is funny.

Richard B (it) wrote: I've wanted to see this film ever since I saw 'Prisoners' by the same director, but put on the back burner after I was disappointed by 'Enemy'. I really enjoyed this French Canadian film and even though it had subtitles, I still really enjoyed it. I didn't know much about the film and the summary on IMDb was vague, but that's for the best as you shouldn't know much about this film going into it as you will probably enjoy it more not knowing what it is about. The film is a little long and could have used some better editing to help the twists be more shocking, but the story and the performances more than make up for it. Also it uses Radiohead music 3 times in the film (definitely didn't expect to hear Radiohead in a French film that takes place in the Middle East). Overall, I really enjoyed this film and even though it's a little long, it is a very powerful and even sad at times, film.

Tommy B (ag) wrote: Solid, solid movie. Everything about it, with the exception of Springer's awkwardness, was perfect from beginning to end.

Narayanan A (ca) wrote: Krrish 3 is an absolutely fantastic movie. Sure there were some flaws that it had. But the minuses never affects the movie's entertainment and emotional strength. 1 star was taken out in the rating only because the dialogues were little bit cheese and the story got little complicated towards the end. But all in all, great movie.

Elena U (it) wrote: Gran pelicula, se parece al Dogma danes.

Andreas O (au) wrote: Weirdest movie I've seen in a long time, but oddly awesome in its strangeness. I say check it out. And there's no need to be sober while seeing it, believe me.

Lanky Man P (de) wrote: Very chilling. Another classic King flick.

Camille L (fr) wrote: Alors qu'il n'y absolument de rien de groundbreaking dans Down Periscope, la comdie ralise par David S. Ward se trouve tre un film extrmement sympathique, grce au casting parfait, compos entre autres des excellents Kelsey Grammer (dont c'tait seulement le deuxime film au cinma), Rip Torn, Bruce Dern, Lauren Holly et Rob Schneider. Constamment amusante et jamais vraiment lourde malgr un gros nombre de gags la minute, cette comdie mrite un peu plus de reconnaissance.

Mitch C (it) wrote: This movie was a hundred times better than the Spielberg Munich. Watch both and tell me Steven is still a good film maker.

Ellen H (ru) wrote: greatest movie of all time

Vince D (de) wrote: As several characters say here, Hitch is fighting for his country the best way he knows how, by trying to sway American opinion. How anyone like "Super Reviewer" Pierluigi Puccini can say the fight against Nazism is "corny propaganda" is beyond me. On top of that, it's a damned entertaining film.

Rachael S (au) wrote: Great title, bad film.

Richard S (fr) wrote: I don't think this one gets enough love. Fun.