A Little Closer

A Little Closer

In the forgotten corners of rural Virginia, Sheryl struggles to balance her work as a housekeeper and raising her two sons, fifteen year-old Marc and eleven year-old Stephen. Hoping to meet the love of her life and bring home a father for her boys, she frequents a depressing, weekly mixer for the towns aging singles set. Meanwhile, Marc is desperate to lose his virginity, and spends his days working at a used car lot. And his brother Stephen, in the throes of sexual discovery, becomes infatuated with his school teacher while hoping to win the approval of a group of peers who adamantly detest her.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:72 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ring,   boy,   doctor,  

Three family members each learn the cruelties of love and sexuality. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arun M (us) wrote: One of the best indian movies released... no 100 crore set pieces,no unwanted songs and dance,no super heroism... its a story about a common man trying to protect his family under dire circumstances... this is intelligent cinema.cinema at its best...

Valeria P (it) wrote: Maybe I wasn't in the "right mood" to watch this, but it felt contrived and self-important rather than whimsical and fun. L'cume des jours" is one of my favorite novels, so it is sad that they couldn't pull it off.

Jesse D (gb) wrote: No matter the problems we face and the tribulations that haunt our daily lives, there is always a silver lining. There is always the opportunity for you to become a healthier and better you. That is what Silver Linings Playbook teaches us.

Keith M (us) wrote: If you want to see Sid Haig, Leslie Easterbrook and Bill Moseley in a movie, Watch "The Devils Rejects" and not this piece of crap. The story is terrible and very predictable. The acting is just God awful, Including the three I mentioned earlier. An avoid at all costs.

sab p (ag) wrote: really sad, funny, and absurd. a movie I didn't think I'd like this much but I do. you don't hear about this kinda story everyday. so unique.

Ricardo H (nl) wrote: Bongwater is really a romantic/quirky comedy instead of a silly stoner comedy. Somebody marketed this film incorrectly and led people to believe it's a laugh out loud comedy. It's not. It's more a slice of life portrait of a time and place. It's subtle, smart and takes it's time. In fact you almost feel like your high when watching it, like a contact high! I used to live in Portland and I can tell you, I knew alot of people just like this. RIP Brittany Murphy. She's great in it

Paul C (de) wrote: Fantastically bizarre and creepy creature feature from the director of "Tetsuo: The Iron Man". Inventive use of stop motion, puppets, practical effects, and makeup effects. Fun stuff.

Charlie G (it) wrote: Couldn't get into this one

Johannes J (ca) wrote: Solid thriller. Recommended.

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Jennifer W (kr) wrote: I want to be Lauren Bacall. In this movie.

Paul C (fr) wrote: Richard Attenborough puts in a great performance as Pinkie and I really enjoyed the ending wrap up. However, the rest of the script is a little one dimensional, but it was 1947 and we've seen many similar films since that means you wouldn't originally have been able to make that criticism. Decent enough, but didn't fully hold my attention.

Valerie L (it) wrote: A person's will to live can be so extraordinary that it will never cease to amaze me. The terrain they went through, from snow to desert and snow again till they get to India is superbly captured in this film. My only complaint is their accents...thank goodness for subtitles on the DVD.