A Little Princess

A Little Princess

When her father enlists to fight for the British in WWI, young Sara Crewe goes to New York to attend the same boarding school her late mother attended. She soon clashes with the severe headmistress, Miss Minchin, who attempts to stifle Sara's creativity and sense of self- worth.

Sara Crewe is sent to live in a boarding school where her late mother attended while her father goes off to fight in the war. Even though being treated strictly by the severe headmistress - Miss Minchin, Sara still becomes popular among the school. One day, when the news of her father being killed in the mission, the young girl suddenly becomes penniless and homeless then is forced to work as a servant at the school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (us) wrote: A clumsy attempt at making a 4-year old's near death experience and his telling of of what he saw into a movie so compelling it will convert unbelievers. It is well acted and the scenarios it presents are conceivable, however the raw emotional value for Christians will probably underwhelm the unchurched masses. Thoughtful and thought provoking but moves slowly and is a bit too long.

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