A Little Romance

A Little Romance

A young American girl and a young French boy meet in Paris and fall in love, with the assistance of an old man and his stories.

A French boy (Daniel) and an American girl (Lauren), who goes to school in Paris, meet and begin a little romance. They befriend Julius who enchants them with his story telling. In an ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris S (ag) wrote: A very powerful movie at times and pretty silly at others. The movie does a great job at showing the scope of suffering and hopelessness that so many Chinese refugees faced at this time. Politicians who are reluctant during a war to move scarce resources to help, and are ultimately powerless to do almost anything as corrupt middle men steal most of the relief. The movie also provides much needed funny albeit dark comic relief However, it also suffers from some very unfortunate unintentional comic moments, like during the middle of an air raid scene a man is able to spot a bomb falling from the sky heading for another man and pushes him out of the way. This moment cause my girl friend to bust out in great laughter while such horrible things where occurring on screen.In all you should be prepared for what you are getting yourself into this is a 2.5 hour movie of suffering and helplessness. However, I felt the movie caused me to look at some things very differently then I would have before. Things that we might think are fates worse then death are some of the best opportunities for salvation. I was also proud that this story could be told. If you are interested in seeing a human WWII film that doesn't involve the Holocaust this is a very educational and ultimately fulfillment film.

Mike M (de) wrote: A very true conflict story between the past and modern Future and Cultural

Siriporn P (kr) wrote: Funny. Touching. Sensational.

Jessica L (mx) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. It's intensity and heart were addicting. Franco and Gibson do well as yin and yang.

Matt C (jp) wrote: This film had a great cast and was really interesting at first, but by the end of the movie I was so lost. People started dying, the scenes were fast and random, new characters were introduced and the whole thing just unraveled in my mind. I will have to watch it again to understand it.

Garwin S (mx) wrote: Klaus Kinski. What a genius. But an almighty pain in the ass.

Geddy W (it) wrote: Very underrated. While not as good as the first film, it managed to capture some of the charm from the first with some very humorous moments, and also having some creepy ones as well. It was a little strange seeing JoBeth Williams become more of a "screaming mimi", but it's easy to see because she would probably be psychologically damaged from the events of the first film. Another treat it serves is Julian Beck's performance as "the beast". Just fantastic. He was smooth, creepy, and very unsettling to see and listen too. While some people are confused over the cavern and the graveyard, I've made an entire theory that supports both sides that proves both existed at the same time, and also explains some of the ghosts' power. While I didn't like the ending because it was forced and rushed into, Poltergeist 2 manages to be, in my opinion, a very underrated film that deserves to be re-evaluated.

Laurel S (gb) wrote: Top 5 mostly becuse of the song"Viva Las Vegas!"

Andy C (jp) wrote: A brilliant piece of work, clearly influencing westerns that followed, but with Samurai.

Rachel B (fr) wrote: If Ugetsu and Seventh Seal had a Catholic baby in Mexico it would be this film! It's shot by Gabriel Figuroa, the acclaimed cinematographer of Mexico's Golden Era, and it's just beautiful. Its mood is closer to Ugetsu, but the main character is far more endearing. This film deals with class and spirituality in a really interesting way. I wish this film got more attention and acclaim.

Carlos I (kr) wrote: Pretty damn fun. The animatronic frog-people effects are pretty weak and kind of take you out of the movie and the end is a little anticlimactic, but besides that, this is a fun gonzo sci-fi ride. Like who thought of having Rowdy Roddy Piper in a post apocalyptic world, where he has to ride into a town of mutant frog people to rescue a bunch of fertile women that he has to impregnate for the government...?