A Long Way Home

A Long Way Home

Many years after being abandoned by his parents, Donald sets out in search of his siblings. His biggest challenge is cutting through layers of bureaucratic red tape. He happens upon a helpful counselor who offers her assistance in locating his missing brother and sister. Written by Fryingham

Many years after being abandoned by his parents, Donald sets out in search of his siblings. His biggest challenge is cutting through layers of bureaucratic red tape. He happens upon a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natarsha T (jp) wrote: Jada Pinkett Smith- "Lord, take me now!!!!!"

Gareth D (ag) wrote: Not bad, not amazing. A good performance Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson save a fairly shallow movie about porn and masturbation. I feel like Julianne Moore's character could have been so much more.

Alex C (us) wrote: Is there a movie that is able to capture the hearts of its audience greatly, without heavily relying on a joyful narrative or glittering presentation? Is there a movie that is so immensely captivating that, for what it's worth, it transforms its cinematic visual into a giant spark of beauty? This movie, putting aside its compulsory task of jeopardizing its literacy flavour and mundane performance, is a jade stone, cinematic-ally speaking. The cinematography, enriched by the gentle, dynamic camerawork and abundant look on the countryside landscape, wrapped in natural light, packs a full-bloom solemnity that resonates with the romance and their misadventures. The film ends in modern time where the country is a little less-strict than it was, but the situation has changed for all its characters. This is probably nothing, some say it's confusing and that the filmmakers were being irrational. I say, FUCK IT. You can even turn off the subtitle or even the sound, leaving you only the images, you still can fall in love with it.

Austin g (br) wrote: didnt like acting of the actors.

Steph S (jp) wrote: A typical highschool rocker film. Four guys going to detroit to see a kiss concert. The plot gets real good when ne of the boys mothers burns the tickets and the boys try to find a way to get tickets to the concert. Stripping, Stealing, Breaking in, and having sex in a church is just what makes this film a fun film to watch.

Lee M (ca) wrote: The brothers are talented filmmakers to watch, but they fail to recognize the fine line between cleverness and excess.

Nelson A (de) wrote: A bright young African-American boy attempts to survive life in the city by acting as an errand boy for a drug dealer in this thoughtful, sharply plotted drama. Fresh, the young man must use his delivery jobs to support himself and his heroin addict sister, receiving nothing from his distant, alcoholic father but the occasional chess games at the park. His intelligence and quiet determination serve him well, as he wins the trust of his employer and settles into an unpleasant but survivable routine. Even this small comfort disappears, however, when Fresh accidentally witnesses the killing of a classmate and becomes a potential target himself. Forced into an impossible situation, he puts his experience and strategic ability to good use, developing a tricky plan to protect his own life and defeat the killers. First-time director Boaz Yakin emphasizes restraint and realism, presenting potentially sensationalistic material with a minimum of violence and flash. Instead, attention is placed on the strong, layered performances, particularly Sean Nelson as Fresh and Samuel L. Jackson as his embittered father

Becca H (ru) wrote: this one awesome movie one of my faves

Liam M (mx) wrote: About as absurd as it is down right hysterical. Bolstered by a stellar lead turn by Patty Mullen, Helenlotter's cult classic earns it stripes by being gory, grotesque and so much god damn fun.

Riplee (nl) wrote: Not bad, but kind of odd.

Gemma A (au) wrote: This movie is amaze balls... Don't know why people are marking it down cause of history? It's a movie! Not a documentary.

Kamal C (de) wrote: All these movies are terrible and this is just like the rest.

Armando B (jp) wrote: A good heist movie with a decent cast and some clever dialogue, plus a twist ending that you really don't see coming. Good product from Canada...

Audrey T (ca) wrote: This movie hurt my feelings, made me cry, made me regretful and made me wish i could be young again. How could it be a failure if it did all that?? I loved it, just cant watch it because it makes me think too much !!