A Lower Power

A Lower Power

Thibodeaux, a young gay San Franciscan, yearns to reject his parents' hedonistic ways. But when his emerging sexual desires repeatedly get the better of him, he conjures up twisted, self-repressive rationalizations that threaten to drive away his friends and the hunky, mythic man of his dreams.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:98 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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Thibodeaux, a young gay San Franciscan, yearns to reject his parents' hedonistic ways. But when his emerging sexual desires repeatedly get the better of him, he conjures up twisted, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Veer G (es) wrote: I was not a fan of the first film but this one took me by surprise.

Parker R (mx) wrote: This film thrives on its countless cliches to keep its sloppy script stuck together, and the substandard special effects add nothing to the tediousness.

P M (us) wrote: This was actually pretty cute and I think Christina Milian did a pretty decent job. The storyline was not that strong though.

Heather M (br) wrote: Not anything that I am interested in until I hear many good things about it.

Andreia C (gb) wrote: It's nothing new and original, it's the same old story about orphans.Daniel Radcliffe did a good job in the angry bits, but felt a bit awkward acting the love scene.I liked the ending though.

Kevin R (es) wrote: Please don't struggle.Brad and Lexi are a happily married couple in Los Angeles. Brad is a struggling writer and Lexi is a successful business woman who is the bread winner of the family. Brad deeply loves Lexi and when LA is struck with a series of toxic dirty bombs, his wife is caught in the middle of the attack. The only method of survival is to stay in your house and seal the oxygen from outside from getting inside. Just as Brad reluctantly completes this task, his infected wife returns home. Will he risk infection to be with his wife in this moment of crisis?"Why don't we talk about the kids we never had?""We would have screwed that up anyway."Chris Gorak, director of The Darkest Hour, and he also worked on Tombstone, Fight Club, Minority Report, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, delivers Right at Your Door. The storyline for this picture is actually very unique and is executed very well. The script is clever, the characters are very dynamic, and the conclusion is unpredictable. The cast delivers very solid performances and includes Rory Cochrane, Mary McCormack, Tony Perez, and Max Kasch."I'm not giving you a choice. Turnaround. Go home."I actually grabbed this off Netflix due to its unique storyline. This was an extremely interesting film that I couldn't wait to see how it played out; and once it did, I can tell you I was fairly impressed by this film. I am glad I didn't write the review for this film until a day after I watched it. This is one of those films that the more you think about it, the more you like it. This is definitely worth watching once and may be worth adding to your DVD collection."Open the door.""I can't."Grade: B

Lee M (es) wrote: Yes, it's painful, but Snow Angels is so full of rich performances and characterizations that even gunshots can't kill its power.

Norbert S (au) wrote: Trumps Bertolucci's film by far.

Ari L (ca) wrote: Surprisingly clever, and intimate in a way. Worth a watch for sure.

Joetaeb D (nl) wrote: Bill Murray's voice work of the title character is uncannily spot on. But the movie around is too rote and packed with pop culture references to be fun or memorable

Hisham Y (ca) wrote: The movie 25th Hour starts with a scene of two beam lights projecting from the Ground Zero, the place of the twin towers that fell in 9/11. Although what happened in 9/11 does not really have to do with the plot of the movie, it acted as an inter-textual reference that added an atmosphere of tragedy and melancholy to the narrative of the movie. The plot of the movie goes around the last 24 hours of New Yorker drug dealer, Monty Brogan, before he goes to jail for 7 years after DEA found drugs in his house. In those 24 hours he tries to come along with his father, Naturelle his girlfriend, and Frank and Jacob 2 of his elementary school best friends. The movie spots the lights on the importance of choices one take throughout his life. In this few hours Monty evaluates his past life and regret the choices he made, and he condemns how he made his own life miserable. The only choice he never regretted instead he mentioned that it was the best of his life was saving the dog that was left for dead on the bridge at the beginning of the movie. Maybe he assumes that since he unconsciously wished that someone could have done the same to him. He maybe wished that someone could stop him from drug dealing before getting caught and being sentenced to jail. Although his friends condemned themselves how they saw him screwing his life, they never actually talked to him. The movie is not only about the story of failure of the protagonist, but also of all those around him to save him. It's about relationships and the collective responsibility it entails. One of the best scenes in the movie is the "Mirror speech" scene in which the Monty's mirror reflection starts to curse every single ethnic group, race, and even his own friends and family after seeing the words "fuck you" written on the mirror. The scene can be interpreted as a clash between his unconscious and his rationale blended with the principle of "condensation and displacement" by Freud. His reflection in the mirror being part of his unconscious that condenses his desperateness and anger from his life and displaces it into hate for almost everyone in New York City; it can be that he blames everyone in the city in an attempt to escape that his choices were not his fault only. But then at the end of the scene, when he curses himself, it was the time he recognized that it was his own choices that led to what he is in today and no one other than him is responsible for that. It was not only Monty that acknowledges his failure, his friends as well acknowledged theirs by not helping him; however, Frank was not so clear about this aspect. There was one scene in which both Jacob and frank were talking about what happened to Monty while watching workers cleaning Ground Zero from Frank's apartment window in which Frank criticized Jacob's for believing that they would see Monty again after finishing his jail sentence. However, when he had the same conversation with Monty, Frank ended up saying the exact opposite. He even promises to help Monty get set up when he comes out. And in the same conversation at the window Frank says to Jacob: Yeah, he got caught. But our old Monty is a fucking drug dealer. Shit. What, are you driving a vintage super V? No? Yeah, he is. Paid for by the misery of the other people. He got caught and will be locked up. And I'll tell you something else; you two are my best friends in the whole world. I love him like a brother, but he fucking deserves it. He deserves it (25th Hour).After this scene when they all went to a club to enjoy the last few hours with Monty. There he begins to wonder what responsibility does he share in Monty getting into prison. He starts to express these thoughts to Naturalle, Monty's girlfriend. He mentions how he never said a word to discourage Monty from becoming a drug dealer. When she replies that Monty would have never listened anyway to make him feel better, Frank begins to accuse her to be part of Monty's downfall as well. He points out that she is even more to blame because she enjoyed living with Monty from drug money. It could be understood that frank at the beginning did not want to confess to himself that he is part of his friend's fall down, but later he realized that not only him but all of them share the responsibility of Monty continuing drug dealing. Before the final scene Monty asks Frank to make him look ugly so the prisoners wont think he is good looking and weak in the first day and sexually harass him. He pushed Frank into doing it by telling him "I think you can, you know what I think you want to, too, a little bit. You think I deserve it a little bit. For years you've been giving me that look, like you want to smack some sense into me. This is your chance. I need it, Frank." (25th Hour) He knew frank thought that he deserves all of what is happening to him at one point. So he decided to redeem himself from the slave role he would have played in the prison by ruining his face. It is hard for one to take such a decision, but to get salvation sacrifice was a must. In the final scene, it was not very clear whether Monty went to jail or ran away to the west as his father advised him. His father, while picking him up to jail so he can turn himself in, took him to a far town in the west where all people there are running away from something so he can disappear and never come back home. There he searched for a job and after a while secretly he contacted Naturalle to come. They lived together and built a big bonded family that cared for each other. All of a sudden, the scene goes back to Monty in his father's car driving down the way. All of that was nothing but a foreshadowing to what he thinks would happen if he takes a choice to escape. This foreshadowing supports that he did actually go to the jail since if he did not the scenes of him going to a far town a building a new life for him would not have been just an imagination in his mind.

Reece L (br) wrote: As desperate to shock as it is blunt in communicating its social commentary, Quills mistakes obvious stabs at satire that fall flat for intelligent criticism, attempting to condemn hypocritical aspects of social mores while simultaneously making several missteps in regards of the portrayal of violence against women and those with mental disabilities (forfeiting the moral high ground it purports to reclaim in the process). Despite these problems, it's largely well-acted, and comes with the added benefit of providing the opportunity to look at Joaquin Phoenix's face for a while.

Fabriio C (de) wrote: One of the best and powerful acting that i ever seen from one of the best actors.Mr. Pacino is perfect and this movie is precious.

Rob M (br) wrote: SO BAD ITS FANTASTIC

Matthew O (jp) wrote: Ralph Bakshi's first attempt at a children's film, Wizards is overall a dark, entertaining film which is definitely worthy of a spot of any animation lover's movie collection. The movie is blessed with Ralph's unique style and great atmosphere, but due to being a first effort, is still a bit messy in spots. It's worth noting that these errors would be fixed up in his later film The Lord of the Rings such as letting the story go on without stops for narration and a finer use of rotoscope, a technique made famous by him.

Nando V (fr) wrote: Under the dark and gritty creativity, the movie's take on the rapidly decaying life of a rather humble business man who is forcibly hell-bent on the karmic hunting of the gang who took everything from him, is what growing balls on the brink of revenge is all about.

Becca W (es) wrote: Yikes...this movie is bad. Bad, bad, bad.

Antonius B (ag) wrote: Clark Gable dials up the 1934 beefcake with his shirt off in one seen, and Colbert famously stops a car while hitchhiking by revealing her leg, but the movie is quite innocuous, and is better known for essentially being the blueprint for romantic comedies to this day. Colbert is a spoiled, rich heiress who runs away from her family (actually starting this by jumping off a yacht and swimming away from them). Gable is a newspaper reporter who's been fired. They find each other on a crowded train, and are forced to sit together. They hate one another at first, but after spending time on a couple of busses, a car, in the haystack together, and in a hotel room divided by a clothesline with a blanket hanging over it ... well, you get the idea. At one point he carries her across a stream caveman style, over his shoulder, and gives her a swat on the behind as they debate what constitutes a piggyback ride. They confuse each other's motivations and split at the end, Colbert off to wed another (and in a very pretty dress), but we all know where it's heading, and this one is complete with a 'runaway bride' scene. I don't know if the movie was worthy of sweeping the Academy Awards (and Colbert herself didn't think much of it), but it's still sharp with its dialog, and quite entertaining. Aside from the main story line, it has a nice 'Capra' touch in having everyone on a bus (including the driver) singing verses of 'The Man on the Flying Trapeze' to pass the time. I also smiled over this interchange after Gable's character had tossed some newspapers off the bus to make space for his seat:Bus driver: "Oh, fresh guy, huh? What you need is a good sock in the nose."Clark Gable: "Listen pardner, you might like my nose, but I do. I always wear it out in the open, where if anyone wants to take a sock at it, they can do it.""Oh, yeah?""Now that's a brilliant answer. Why didn't I think of it? Our conversation could have been over long ago.""Oh, yeah?""You keep that up, we're not going to get anywhere.""Oh, yeah?""Ya got me. Yeah!" (to chuckling from the other passengers)

Margarita S (mx) wrote: A fine example of an ensemble cast at its best. Emotionally connected with the characters and was pulled into the storyline. An interesting take on life as a pilot.