A luci spente

A luci spente

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:110 minutes
  • Release:2004
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
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A luci spente torrent reviews

Javier E (de) wrote: Un psicopata bisexual va encontrando en una especie de "road trip" varias parejas sexuales y las mata durante el acto (o a veces despues). En su recorrido se encuentra a una mujer, a la cual decide no matar y se convierte en su complice. Excelentes actuaciones, que presentan muchos matices y expresiones corporales que logran convencer y conseguir hasta empatia con un material tan dificil en escenas de asfixia, violencia y enfado. Vale la pena, aunque no es para cualquiera. (texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

ScubaSteve Walter M (au) wrote: It's nice to see the drama behind the terrorist yet this is not as striking as the film wanted it to be.

Lotti K (ag) wrote: Fun in an old-fashioned creature-horror way, but with some blood & skin to spice things up.

Joan I (mx) wrote: This down to earth film about lower class people in Britain's impoverished projects will either stop you from drinking, using, or, send you running to the nearest bar. The wasted lives and family violence is startling. Students of addiction's study and human behavior will understand how an unemployed totally trashed man could beat his wife causing her to lose her nearly born baby. Heart wrenching for any class having to have lived through it all, although worse when broke.

Jackson C (gb) wrote: Farewell my concubine is a landmark film in Chinese cinema and one of the Chinese movie that is able to combine great story telling with amazing cinematography. It reaches into the heart and soul of being Chinese during the tumultuous period of China, and it is done using a famous Chinese folklore that revolves around the Opera gangs. Leslie Cheung's performance in the film is one of the best I've ever seen in any movie, his own persona shines throughout the film, portraying a characters that is resilient but at the same time vulnerable. His love story with Duan is sad, touching and one for the ages. This movie is just amazing, unfortunately Chen Kaige fails to reach this similar height in his later films.

Krystal P (ag) wrote: Liked this one only because i love zombies.

Conner R (de) wrote: The thing about Wise Guys is that it??s actually not that bad at all. Since De Palma is the heir to Hitchcock, it??s only fair that you relate this to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It just shows that he can do anything. He??s not just a suspense storyteller, he can also show off his literal sense of humor. Danny DeVito is hilarious and there is also a very funny performance by Harvey Keitel. It??s not amazing, but probably better than most people give it credit for.

Anton B (ca) wrote: Mildly amusing and a little hard to follow.

Adam R (kr) wrote: A fantastic musical! Disney's take on the newsboys' strike is fun and inspiring. I love it! (First viewing - Fall 2009)

Jim H (ru) wrote: When the man who tried to rape her is released from prison, a woman elicits the help of a man who has sworn off violence.This is how not to do exposition. Three different characters tells the same story about what happened before the film's events, and this isn't like Rashomon in which the characters' stories differ. Then, we have a tangential murder of a schoolteacher, which is a plot line that falls through the cracks until the deus ex machina, and four other characters who go on a date. The basic point is this: the story, penned by John Patrick Shanley, is a mess.John Turturro plays a great street tough, and he brings humanity to a role that requires him to do inhuman things - often without explanation. I also like Tim Robbins's performance even though his character is inconsistent.Overall, I think this film is about violence and responsible responses to it, but it's hard to tell because of all the bad writing.