A Maiden for the Prince

A Maiden for the Prince


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A Maiden for the Prince torrent reviews

Dany J (it) wrote: This is a very different kind of documentary from the ones I usually watch. It was very simple yet very 'warm' and touching.

Nicholas W (us) wrote: Another British gangster movie.

Coco O (it) wrote: Shemar Moore was hot! Good suspense movie,but it tells not to trust close friends! lol

Bart (de) wrote: WTF :O AAAAH!never!!! i wouldnt watch this <.< lol

MF J (nl) wrote: Wow this film is actually one of the worst piece of film making I have ever seen. It's so bad it's beyond fun! Part horror part comedy this film never really manages to find it's tone and ends up being a massive dud! Warwick Davies is really awesome as the Leprechaun and manages to be the best thing about this film. Everything else look, sound and is cheap, bad and clich. Anniston must pray for people to forget she ever was in this film, while the rest of the cast and crew is probably still having some laugh about this joke. Some sequences are really awesome though like when the Leprechaun steals a toy car and speeds on the highway and a cop stops him... that was mythic. apart from unintentional laughs and some interesting camera work, there is really not much to chew on with this vapid flick. Still one must say by today's standards it's one of these cult classic so bad it's great to put on the same shelf as Anaconda or The Room.

Michael L (us) wrote: Absolutely brutal and tragic.

Mohammed A (ru) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Rangan R (de) wrote: In the 17th England, a ruthless warrior set to rediscover his path.There's no reason, but after a long due I saw this. I'm pretty impressed with the film's production, but in the end it was an average film for me. James Purefoy was good, but the story needed someone very husky looking actor to play the Solomon. That's what spoiled my watch, other than that I enjoyed most of the film. Because the tone and the pace were excellent, but it was a predictable story.A savage warrior leading his men somewhere in the Northern Africa, when he's sensing he almost defeated them, comes to know his soul is damned. He escapes there, leaves his all that life behind and looks for a peaceful future. He was born to be a warrior, that's why he left his own kingdom. So in his second chance to rediscover his path, he must achieve the impossible to defeat his opponent.Full of dark and wet atmosphere really gives that required medieval look. The locations were well used and also the costumes, so if you like films that sets in this era, particularly stunts, then you might enjoy it. But if you ask me, I would say it is just a one time watchable film. Entertainment is guaranteed, but because of something, the film does not not look complete. So recommended for the selected viewers.6/10