A Maldição do Sanpaku

A Maldição do Sanpaku


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Brian R (es) wrote: Movie starts, stops and jerks like my Dad's old Chevy when he was teaching me to drive stick.

Randall S (us) wrote: Incredible documentary. Technology is a scary and beautiful thing. Where do you stand with it? What uses do we truly need from it? Where would we be without it? Herzog brings some very important questions to mind.

Eliabeth M (kr) wrote: Violet: We're also trying to make a difference in people's lives, and one way to do that is to stop them from killing themselves.Damsels in Distress es una pelcula excntrica, pero no de una buena manera. Nos presenta un grupo privilegiado constituido por Violet, Heather y Rose. Son estudiantes en la universidad y su objetivo es revolucionar la manera en la cual las personas se relacionan y se comportan, porque aparentemente ellas son superiores a el resto. Lily es una nueva alumna, y rpidamente se les une lo cual es la oportunidad perfecta para convertirla en una de ellas. El grupo preside un club para prevenir suicidios en el campus, y tambin un club de bailes olvidados con lo cual no tienen mucho xito. La trama transcurre entre las enseanzas y teoras de este grupo, y los problemas que se enfrentan con el sexo opuesto. En realidad esta pelcula me irrit de principio a fin, porque trataba de elevarse a un nivel de sofistificacin y intelectualidad pero no lo logr ya que todo pareca forzado y sin ningn objetivo sino mostrar a estos personajes tropezndose, y no aprendiendo nada de ello. Al no tener ningn fin, y los motivos que las llevaban a tratar de "ayudar" a las personas eran superficiales, es difcil relacionarse o tener algn vnculo con esta pelcula.

Josh C (de) wrote: I got 9 minutes in. I don't want to even attempt to watch this one due to the previous one.

vipul g (us) wrote: At his childish Best

Audrey K (fr) wrote: I love all things british (mostly) & thia was not differant ..... Good & sad & happy story of a young boy becoming a man & having a hard time of it .

Nick M (it) wrote: Bright, talented cast is wasted with many recycled jokes, retreaded points from the first film and humor that is more crude and "in your face" than its predecessor; The overall length to the movie could have also been trimmed down as nothing truly sets the plot into motion until almost an hour into the movie; The plot falls apart at points as the nearly two hour movie is devoted to finding out if Greg "Gaylord" Focker has fathered a child from his Hispanic maid 15 years ago; There are some solid chuckles but no huge laughs like in the original; De Niro and Stiller's chemistry is still great with noble performances from Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman. Overall, "Meet The Fockers" is a harmless film but misses the element of surprise, or the subtle humor, of the original; "Meet The Fockers" is an unnecessary sequel but nearly skates by due to its likable performances, humor and writing. 3/5

Jens L (mx) wrote: Really just an average example of the STNG franchise...I also were surprised by the cheap looking space craft models and special effects...much older movies are far better than this

Kirby P (kr) wrote: 33% rating on RT. I think when these critics can't follow a convoluted plot -- and they are journalists after all so they're not strong in the gray matter department anyway -- they respond by panning the movie. This is a GREAT movie; don't let the idiots convince you otherwise. After portraying a simpleton on "Cheers", it's simply amazing how good an actor Woody Harrelson has become.

Mandee S (fr) wrote: not the greatest movie but good fun to watch, Buscemi is great.

Hinata A (au) wrote: hahah, Shahrukh khan made this film something.. othrwc it SUCKS!

Joe C (es) wrote: You would probably say Joe! why would you see this? This should be a prime example for how eclectic my selection of movies are. Was this a masterpiece? no. Did I enjoy it? yes. The story holds its own for romantic comedies and is very well casted. I have a soft spot for Billy Crystal but every character is good in their own element. It gets an average rating from me because romance isn't really my thing but there's enough laughs for me to enjoy it.

Al M (ag) wrote: A campy, stupid film that is still thoroughly entertaining, partly due no doubt to these early performance by Virginia (Candyman) Madsen and Sherilyn (Twin Peaks) Finn. Zombie High is not a zombie film in the classic sense of the term. It does not concern reanimated corpses on a quest for flesh. Instead, it is about a boarding school where the faculty are carrying out Clockwork Orange style experiments that render the students docile, obedient, and completely preppy. As dumb as a film can be, Zombie High is enjoyable as a piece of cheesetastic 80s horror.