A Man, a Woman and a Bank

A Man, a Woman and a Bank

Two novice thieves are plotting to rob a bank in Vancouver. A photographer snaps a shot of one thief as he is carrying the bank building's blueprints. The would-be thief then begins a relationship with the photographer and attempts to retrieve the photos. Meanwhile, the thieves' plot consists of this: one man will enter the bank building after dark, while the other man sits in a van and uses a computer to unlock the building's doors. The final step involves transporting the cash to a freight ship waiting on the docks, for transportation to a money launderer in Macau.

The two least likely bank robbers in the known universe plan and execute... kind of... the ultimate heist. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul C (ag) wrote: Starts off slow and stays that way , they need to figure out adding a lot of nudity adds nothing if you don't have a decent story or acting.

Nicholas M (ag) wrote: horrible horrible remake. so commercialized. urgh.


Nicky N (gb) wrote: Well I Gotta Say,This Was Good.B-

Thomas W (nl) wrote: Beautiful Kate is a well-acted and multi-layered, Australian drama with such serious subject matter that I believe (well, actually, I KNOW) it would be considered off-putting, distracting and ultimately unforgivable to most people I know (as there would be NO looking-past some of its plot/material). Based upon a 1982 novel called Cutter's Way by Newton Thornburg that takes place in Chicago, first-time director Rachel Ward (of The Thorn Birds fame) takes it across the Pacific to a small, farm in the Outback. The story's central character, Ned, is played by Ben Mendelsohn (Australia, Animal Kingdom), who is returning home to bid farewll to his dying father who has been looked after by his younger sister, Sally (Rachel Griffiths - Muriel's Wedding, Brothers & Sisters, Hilary & Jackie). The father and son have had a strained relationship for years which stemmed from the father's harrowing loss of his prized child, Kate (Ned's twin), and the resulting suicide of their older brother, Cliff. The subject matter is not light; and this just barely scratches the film's surface as it deals with sibling rivalry, Kate's insatiable sexual curiosity, jealousy, guilt, immorality, obsession, etc. The film's most redeeming moment comes near the VERY end with an exchange between the two surviving siblings which somewhat erases any feeling of dread/disgust I'd had up to that point. Beautiful Kate is a well-made film -- it could be taxing to some to make it through certain scenes as it does deal with uncomfortable, morally-questionable situations. I don't want to spoil the film; but I will warn those who are easily offended to stay away.

Christopher H (de) wrote: The effects are so-so, and the plot is nothing to write home about, but Erin Cahill is a superb actress, and easily the best part of the film.

Israella T (kr) wrote: c est film est trop fort.

Jason M (us) wrote: This is everything an amazing documentary can be. It's more thrilling than most action movies, more thoughtful than even very good dramas. I love it.

Wijoyo S (es) wrote: Watchable and so-so movie. Have to admit I watched this movie because Theron was in it.

Chris S (au) wrote: Absolutely addicting and lots of fun

Arubia S (de) wrote: The 1st Hindi Movie i saw in a theater.. lol............ SRK great acting , song i really enjoyed. Mahima looked really gr8 only in this movie............hehe (spacialy where she dressed up as Gaangaaa.) Amrish Puri, best as always..

Ben R (au) wrote: Another one of Miike's crazy movies. I liked the little kids with guns.

Grayson D (us) wrote: Great looking but tedious horror.

Joyce H (es) wrote: enjoyable satire; also some very creative set designsThis film is mainly a drama, but some of the satire is so over-the-top, parts of the film are also very funny (I think unintentionally)

Andy C (br) wrote: An engrossing tale about a suicidal woman who seems to crave men and sex because she's lonely and because it's her way at getting even with her domineering mother. Not Bergman's best work but still watchable.