A Man Called Blade

A Man Called Blade

Maurizio Merli stars as a hatchet-wielding bounty hunter with a dark past and an even more desperate future. But when he disrupts the balance of power in a corrupt mining town, he unleashes a firestorm of brutality, betrayal and cold-blooded murder. Now, one man stalks a savage land where justice walks a razor and no bullets slice deeper than vengeance. He is A MAN CALLED BLADE.

A bounty hunter arrives in a mining town and is hired to track down the missing daughter of the town's crippled mayor and learns she has been kidnapped by the mayor's corrupt right-hand-man and a band of outlaws he is secretly working for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The N (us) wrote: really ridicolous, bad actors, bad history. a wasted of time

Shashank W (ru) wrote: 30 October, History will repeat itself...

James L (gb) wrote: An amazing documentary about the carthusian order of monks; which details their daily life and devotion amongst an environment of near silence and solitude. With little to no dialogue, the film paints an accurate picture of the pursuit and path towards peace and purity of heart. 4 stars for the unique subject matter and the simple way it is effectively conveyed.

Bill T (fr) wrote: Movies involving manipulation of time are quite difficult to make, and this was one of the better ones. Cris Johnson (Cage) is able to foresee - but only by a couple of minutes - the consequences of his actions, and then to change his actions accordingly. He is hiding out in Vegas, keeping a low profile, while government agents led by Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) are trying to track him down, planning to turn him into a captive asset with the immediate goal of preventing a terrorist attack.The setup in Las Vegas is a bit strange, but frankly the Philip K. Dick story on which the original draft of the movie was loosely based is also quite strange (though totally different).Julianne Moore is exceptional as the FBI agent who has complete faith in her own conviction that Johnson is the solution to the expected attack. We have of course come to expect brilliance from her performances, and I found this one completely up to her usual standard.Two scenes stand out in my mind, years after seeing this movie: the one where Johnson escapes from the government agents by causing an avalanche then running through it, and the search of the building that displays extremely well the way Johnson sees the world as a series of alternate futures.

Allison D (gb) wrote: The film itself? Juliette Binoche's South African accent? Eh. The story and the recent history of South Africa? very interesting.

Jordan R (fr) wrote: I enjoyed it, but it could have had a bit more of a plot. Still, excellent considering it's B-Movie Status

Claudia P (ag) wrote: French movie really funny really entertaining about a crazy cabby... Love it!!!

Jarryd R (gb) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Indu R (es) wrote: Another OK movie in the series. Not as good as the first movie.

Cassandra M (nl) wrote: Terence Davis moving, harrowing and elegantly artistic masterpiece is one of the few Britsh films of recent years to embody a distinctly British identity. The plot involves a family wedding in working class Liverpool just after the second world war and the various episodes in the family's past dealing with their sometimes brutal and disturbed father. The beauty of the film lies in the deeply artistic composition of various shots, coupled with Davis' enduring compassion and understanding for the chararcters, especially the father played brilliantly by Pete Postlethwaite. It is an incredible evocation of family life and even though at times it makes for hard viewing, this is a film that must be seen.

Chris S (it) wrote: Look no further, you found the blatent case of sexism on film. An exploitation film so over the top that Troma gave a little guilt of releasing this piece of stag cinema. It may not be the best that Troma can offer but its worth checking out for fans of exploitation and Troma, i know this movie might have its fans but i'm not one of them. I perfer "Mother's Day" over this.

Weul S (gb) wrote: Hitchcock returns home for this sadistic tale of a rapist-murderer & the down-on-his-luck man wrongfully suspected.

Michael K (ru) wrote: Another fun movie with the perfect team of Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. The theme song is one of the best in any movie and is a great time piece.Barrels of fun this is ...

Gus M (kr) wrote: Good hearted and full of laughs

Adam R (es) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/14/2010)

Grace P (de) wrote: This was an amazing love story! It a must see!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

Jonathan M (br) wrote: Terrible, absolutely terrible. Too many clichs, a horrendous plot that is an insult to Robinson Crusoe, and the way this movie treats felines is nothing short of despicable. Clearly Domonic Paris has a thing for cat snuff if this movie is any indication. I would steer all children away from this out of fear for what they might take away from it. Just disgraceful...