A Man in Love

A Man in Love

An American film-star and an unknown British actress meet on set in Rome. She is angry when he refuses to speak to her journalist father, but later they have a passionate relationship.

An American film-star and an unknown British actress meet on set in Rome. She is angry when he refuses to speak to her journalist father, but later they have a passionate relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ray M (fr) wrote: Wasn't up to expectations for story line.

Noname (br) wrote: A movie based from the comic book "The Spirit" a hero fighting the crime. A pretty dark movie and reminds me of Sin City / Batman in a way. It has action / fantasy and a bit of comedy style aswell. There are a few famous faces like Samuel L Jackson , Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes. The movie are very well made and its visually stunning with nice dark enviroments. Story on average level , could have been better and more action. In the end its a decent movie for this genre. It can't compete with the big movies but well worth a closer look.

Frances H (ru) wrote: An interesting movie to run right now with the election looming--I wish Robin Williams (or Jon Stewart) was running for president especially with his platform of getting rid of the influence of the special interests groups, like the gas and oil companies who are ruining the countryside and endangering the health of the population.

chris k (kr) wrote: A superhero movie in hiding. Much better movie the 2nd time around. Fantastic scenes, dialogues and still amazing after all these years.

Marcus G (it) wrote: Apparently, the only movie on Rotten Tomatoes that had a 0% fresh rating.

Akhil A (us) wrote: it is a very touching movie

Bob S (ru) wrote: I imagine this film would have been more interesting at the time of its original 1980 release because the quirky true story of the single chance meeting between a perpetual loser (Melvin) and a man claiming to be the reclusive multi-millionaire Howard Hughes would have been much more topical. Melvin was more of a caricature not to be taken seriously despite glimpses of an honest, misunderstood man. Steenburgen played the love of Melvin??s life, Linda, in an overrated and inconsistent portrayal of a woman who knows a better life is beyond Melvin, but can??t help to be attracted to his hope and optimism. The film leaves you wanting to know more about Hughes?? inheritance - I would have preferred to watch a documentary rather than this based-on-true-events feature.

Shaun B (es) wrote: This film is from Ford's "I haven't quite his my stride" era. Then Empire & Raiders hit...

Nelson M (de) wrote: F for Fake isn't exactly a documentary as it is a film essay on trickery. While I know the term film essay is used to describe this film a lot, it's probably the best word to use. Although, it's also a light conversation that Orson Welles has with us as well, just using film instead to do it. It's a very fun film that, while experimental, is light and very enjoyable. Welles is clearly having a good time with himself and so should the viewers. Instead of scratching your head with yours mouths open, just listen to the words. This is a high point in experimental and avant garde film making, it blends a bit of the mainstream with the documentary and mixes monologues in between. In some instances, even, the film is autobiographical so it doesn't exactly fit in one genre or the other. However, it remains a testament to just how gifted a film maker Orson Welles really was, and not just in the conventional standards.

Woody W (ru) wrote: More circus than horror movie, this is a stinker of a Joan Crawford movie. I must admit, even at 63 years old, Joan still scares me. Improbable story line and the clues to the "circus killer" do not even come close to helping you pick out the actual killer.The use of an actual tent circus in London add credibility to some of the scenes, and the movie vacillates between story and circus acts (some of which are entertaining) yet falls flat on both ends.Moderately entertaining and whenever Joan is in the scene you can feel her command of the set. She was a star. I'll give it a 5 for Joan.

Thomas W (it) wrote: Although the first 1/3 of the movie is slow and average, the emotion, beauty and comedy combined with subtlety shows pure entertainment. It makes the most of its low budget and all the characters [except Tank] are fun and original.

Clint M (ca) wrote: I'm a huge fan of Tom Hardy, not to mention Gary Oldman and Colin Firth. I also enjoy complex thrillers but this movie seriously lacks soul and enjoyment in any sense. Yes its beautifully shot, meticulous in detail and the actors are top of their trade but there are so many actors that none of them truly get a chance to develop and shine through the morbidly slow pacing and lack of any meat and depth in most scenes. a shameful waste of such amazing talent, including Kathy Burke and Tom Hardy. This gets a huge rating on here but I fear this is a case of emperors new clothes, so many good actors, technicians and so unjustly loved by critics. Could and should have been so much more gripping.