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Harry W (au) wrote: With such a silly title and the Monster Pictures label to its credibility, Discopathe sounded like a fun experience.I didn't know much about Discopathe going in to see the film, but going out I can certify that it is one of the worst horror films I have seen in such a long time. It's as if everyone who made this film has no concept on what supports an actual horror film because I cannot recommend this film on any grounds.First off, Discopathe has no grasp on the concept of making a slasher narrative. With no idea of proper characterization whatsoever, Discopathe ends up revolving around a character named Duane Lewis who goes insane and kills women anytime he hears disco music. The film gives no back story to the character which makes understanding his motives completely impossible, but it also makes him the main character of the film. The central figure of Discopathe is a figure with no actual characterization whatsoever as there is no writing to support the film at all. Centred in the most generic premise possible, the film is simply a story about the main character committing a tame series of murders. We don't know why, but neither does the writer. As a result there is nothing to care about with the character, so the fact that he is actually the main character drags everything down. For the serial killer to be the least interesting figure in a slasher film is truly an achievement in lacklustre filmmaking. The killer is the thing that can usually make or break any kind of distinctive slasher film, but Discopathe's only distinction is being one of the absolute worst examples of the genre I have ever seen.As far as being a genuine horror film, Discopathe delivers no goods to members of the literary crowd or those in search of a guilty pleasure. There is nothing innovative about the story and nobody pretends like there is so this is clearly not a high profile horror film, but the fact that it is also so bereft of actual atmospheric tension or even any actual script is a remarkably low standard of filmmaking. Yet even a bad horror film can succeed as a good bad one if it knows how to use its exploitational elements properly. Director Renaud Gauthier clearly has no idea on how to do that. While the cinematography is really nice as it knows how to make an effective use of zooms and extreme close-ups, there is no consistent display of style in any other area with Discopathe. As a Monster Pictures film I hoped that there would be some creative use of blood and gore, but in actuality there is so little of this. Beneath the seemingly endless running time of the slow narrative sits a sporadic collection of murder scenes which show no promising display of experimentation with violence. Once in a while there is a little use of blood effects which shows that the crew knows how to make glory come to life, but this just makes it all the more disappointing when it proves to be so minimal throughout the story. Cheap fun in a horror film elicits few demands. That is gore, nudity and plenty of it. Discopathe not only has so little creativity in depicting the murders of the main character, but there isn't even any nudity in the process. Set within the tail end of the free love era within the disco decade, Discopathe proves to have no grasp on what audiences are hoping for. The general lack of content within the production makes me just think the director was trying to get away with seeing if he could actually stretch something to feature length. If that's true then he managed to succeed in doing so, but he also clarified that he has no sense of narrative as a filmmaker which suggests that he is not anyone worth following in the future. It's a true shame because there could have been a lot done with Discopathe given that the manic energy synonymous with disco would create an interesting combination with the exploitation aspects of the slasher narrative. The fact that the film ends up resorting to such a slow pace and making minimal use of horror iconography is truly a most disappointing sentiment. There is nothing thrilling, fun or original about Discopathe in any way whatsoever, and its failure is almost remarkable.It's obvious that Discopathe has a low budget, and it manages to find enough ways of working around this to make its story somewhat convincing along the way. But it cannot hide its shortcomings as a result, such as the limitations on how many locations can be used and just how much blood and gore comes into play. Since there is no way to get lost in the story it becomes all the more easy to actually pick up on all of these problems, and from there it just unravels that there are so many more flaws in Discopathe to pinpoint. The leading performance from Jeremie Earp also proves no assistance to the film. The unknown actor is heavily likely to remain unknown in the generations following Discopathe because there is no distinctive charm about him. Spending the entire film fairly silent as he stares around the set of the film in utter confusion, Jeremie is bereft of any sense of his character. He lives down to the level of the screenplay in this regard, and ends up as blank as the scenery around him. Jeremie Earp conveys nothing about the intended mental state of his character, failing to make it convincing that he a serial killer or just someone experiencing a kind of psychosis. Jeremy Earp is as lifeless and uninteresting as the director's idea of entertainment, except that we have to stare at him lifelessly push himself through the material for some of the longest 75 minutes I've ever experienced.Discopathe is misguided in every aspect of filmmaking: its generic story centres around a killer with no interesting qualities or good acting, while the minimal use of blood, gore and nudity ensures that even the lowest standard of genre filmmaking is betrayed.

Paul D (es) wrote: The subject matter could be a straight drama on its own, but to make an enjoyable comedy out of it is very clever. Most of the best humour derives from the older age group characters - their language, observations and nuances from a generation that no longer exists.

Lora R (gb) wrote: It's actually a good story with a decent cast. The mystery gets revealed little by little throughout the movie and I liked that. The love story was predictable and cheesy though. I loved the friendship flashbacks and how Eva's odd behavior gets explained.

L B (us) wrote: Very powerful. And it is a Canadian film.

Daniel S (ca) wrote: Part of the david gordon green repertoire before he became a comedy guy, this has a very distinct 70's style, with lots of zooms and freeze frames, and music similar to films at the time, which is very well done by phil glass, it starts out slow but gets better once the plot gets going, lucas and mulroney are good, bell could be annoying but stepped up when he had to, tho that lil kid pissed me off, his whole eating subplot was stupid and unnecessary, and im not sure how to interpret the ending but not a bad film overall

Miles H (nl) wrote: Gruesome. But entertaining.

seth c (us) wrote: Housebound is the rare movie that achieves an almost perfect balance of humor, horror and mystery. The real standout here is the story which twists and turns its way to a bizarrely satisfying ending. The characters are also well fleshed out and interesting throughout. It's so unusual for a movie to be original in this era of film and this is definitely original. It takes common movie tropes and turns them on their heads. I can't recommend this film enough. Fantastic!

Ben B (ru) wrote: Kieslowski's "No End" is a fairly basic story about a woman who loses her husband, and about a man who seeks freedom from imprisonment. Both are seeking a freedom, but one is told it's possible, the other is told it's not. The woman can be free of her thoughts and feelings for her husband (by way of hypnotism), but the man cannot emerge from his trial a winner. However, through a strange twist of reality, the characters find out that they were incorrectly informed, and it costs one of their lives. Kieslowski's impressive camerawork, as seen in his Three Colors Trilogy, is somewhat lessened, but still very evident. His ability to show us what we might normally look at, instead of something highly important, brings the world to life. The dialogue is at times simple, but at others highly complicated and difficult to follow. But overall, the story and meaning is not lost, but rather brilliantly available through images and dialogue together. Zbignew Preisner's amazing score carefully underscores the emotions of the characters in the film without overbearing our ears with the his haunting melodies.

John R (de) wrote: 160528: Don't know how many times I've seen this movie over my life, but it's still awesome each time. Great soundtrack, characters; lots of fun, action and a little philosophy. Spaghetti at its absolute best.

Alex K (ag) wrote: Humphrey Bogart Is One Of My Favorite Film Actors.

Stefanie C (us) wrote: Charming! Yesterday/Adelina is a delightfully satirical view of Italian law, family, and community. Today/Anna is a spoof on the malaise affecting the too rich and bored (signature Moravia). Tomorrow/Mara comically mixes sex and faith. The last segment reveals a very animated, goofy, but loveable, Mastroianni. A light-hearted and fun trilogy.

Margarita S (ru) wrote: It's initially a bit slow to start, but picks up. A beautiful, sad, moving movie about life and death and the divide between generations. You'll want to hug and spend a lot of time with your parent(s) after watching this one.

Timm S (nl) wrote: A Little Bit Too Much Country (Bar Fights, Lame One Liner Conversations, Damsel Women) & Not Enough Story. All Builds Up To This 'Fight' To Pay The Bills. The Orangutan Seems So Out Of Place, I Ask Myself Why?? Poor Thing...Apparently This Is What Counts For Comedy. Animal Cruetly More Like It. But I Guess The 80's Had Celebrities Owning Wild Animals (Anton Levay, Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Tippi Hedren, Vanilla Ice, Mike Tyson) As A Thing You Do...Thankful We Have Learned The Natural Habitat Of These Animals Belongs Outside Of Cities.

Jovany H (jp) wrote: One of the best movie I ever seen

Amelia R (fr) wrote: I LOVED IT! Worried at first it was gonna be another cheesy movie, that you feel should be on ABC Family, but no! It was actually pretty cute and witty. I loved the dialogue that went into this movie. It made me laugh, very comical. It makes you feel almost immoral to hope for a divorce lol. But, overall, it was a great movie that I will watch again (and having True Blood's Ryan Kwanten starring in the movie didn't hurt my rating either ;) HOT!)

Dean M (nl) wrote: The best of the John Wayne westerns directed by Andrew V. McLagden, this sprawling epic centers around the revenge sought by Billy the Kid after his mentor is murder by the corrupt, land-grabbing bad guys. These scenes looked familiar since I last watched 1988's Young Guns.