A Man's Job

A Man's Job

Unemployed man forgets his dignity to support his family.

Juha is 38 years old and has three small children and a depressed wife. He sees himself as strong and believes a man should provide for his family... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mohammed A (de) wrote: It's should've been better than this

Karla L (ag) wrote: If you like the show.... Just an extended episode

Margaret S (gb) wrote: A bit bawdy at moments, but one of those characters that somehow seeped out of the Old West and into the 21st century. Particularly interesting for those of us who live in Torreon, Mexico and will recognize the streets and places.

Sami A (ca) wrote: All I can say is don't waste your time, it's cheap, boring, too long, and the dialogue stinks!!!!

Terri H (us) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Michael L (ru) wrote: Something that could have been great, ends up being average. A few questionable decisions made in regards to the Lear adaptation, but not until the end. Oh well, until we see Patrick Stewart as Lear for real on stage this is as good as we'll get.

Ailyn P (es) wrote: A rip off of Toy Story, I can tell you this..Fetish Movie

John B (mx) wrote: It's not easy to make a film about an electronic instrument seem human and sweet, but this movie succeeds at it.

Robert B (kr) wrote: My Own Private Idaho is an interesting mix of acting, directing, setting, and subject matter. It is an interesting watch but the elements don't cohere very well or make for a solid movie. The main problem is that little is done to first establish an emotional connection to the main character. Because of that, the rest of the film lacks in dramatic impact. Things happen, the film ends, and the impression is that while the film was decent enough, it could have been better.

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Michael S (ru) wrote: It starts promising enough: a spectacular opening 15-minute tracking shot, some crazy Nic Cage acting, showing a scene over and over from different points of view. But in quickly falls apart into standard conspiracy nonsense. The last ten minutes are god-awful.