A Master Builder

A Master Builder

A successful, ego-maniacal architect who has spent a lifetime bullying his wife, employees and mistresses wants to make peace as his life approaches its final act.

The film centers on a successful architect who seems to be cruel for his wife, employees and mistresses. How will they treat him when his life approaches its final act. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel J (ca) wrote: Mia looks so pretty and justin does a good job.

Michaela R (it) wrote: one of the best road i've ever seen. killing has never been so amusing.

Matthew C (jp) wrote: This movie is full of emotion and suspense and has characters that are from all walks of life that are going through very similar problems this is a great deep drama with some laughs though the story doesnt flow perfectly and the ending couldve been better 3.5 stars

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Ivan K (ca) wrote: this cast help this movie from sinking

Rob S (kr) wrote: At the core of this film is a dispute between the French and the Russians over which nationality a certain set of rich jewelry belongs to. Three Russians have obtained the jewels (legally from what I understood) although technically they had belonged to a powerful individual from France. The leading actor plays a Frenchman who is trying to make a compromise for both sides, but the three Russians want a consultant for themselves, so they hire the titular Ninotchka, a Russian woman devoid of all joy and happiness.The Frenchman meets this woman before finding out she is the consultant for the Russians, and as if it was fate, he falls for her. He is persistent to spend time with her, and even realizes she does not enjoy life as she should, so he attempts to make her laugh, but there is no success until he does something unintentionally - he falls over a table in a restaurant and it makes everybody, including Ninotchka, to laugh themselves silly.After this incident, things seem to change for Ninotchka, and she even laughs during very serious matters such as while she consults the three Russians about the dispute at hand. She truly enjoys life now and she comes to like the man, Leon, a lot, and eventually falls in love. This doesn't come about without some struggles, of course, but the heart of the movie effectively tells us that life is definitely worth enjoying.This being a comedy, I wish there was more and better humor involved, but this movie is delightful in that its message is inspiring and still does fine without "better" comedy.

jay n (ca) wrote: A stately bore that is full of historical inaccuracies. Kate Hepburn puts on a good show but her Mary bears no resemblance to the actual shallow and conniving Mary.

Lauren F (ca) wrote: I appreciate the uniqueness of this film so much! It's not often that you find a film that stays with the same cast throughout the aging process of the characters. For that reason i enjoyed it because you can tell that after 12 years of working together on this film that they did actually develop that real life family bond. The only complaint I have is i wish that they ended the film better. Towards the end the film starts to lag a little and the audience is stuck wondering "your point?" And "how long is this movie?"

Kari K (es) wrote: I was especially suprised by this low-budget hybrid world war II/horror film.

007 W (ru) wrote: Thor isn't a bad movie it's uh..... well the story is weak, but I like it, it's pretty funny, the action is good, the movie is a little clich, the acting is pretty good, but in terms of a movie it's ok