A Matter of Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death

A female reporter intended to go on a reporting trip about childbirth to Japan, declines the offer. Instead, she visits a maternity hospital in Sweden. She meets a doctor, who she has been in love for 15 years.

A movie by Marianne Ahrne. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Halimali H (jp) wrote: I'm not a big fan of direct to video movies but decided to give it a shot for this one. The review has spoilers Satanic starts with a girl having a car accident with her father. The father dies in the accident and she gets hospitalized due to serious injuries. The doctors make many operations on her face to get her back to the normal state she used to have before the accident. The girl then gets constant nightmares suggesting she has done something bad in the past as now she cannot remember anything relates to her life before the accident. At the end the girl finds out that the doctors gave her a face of a different girl (Satanic one) they've mistaken for her and that the man in the car was not her father but the satanic girl's father. I didn't raise my hope when I decided to watch this movie but honestly it was terrible. Terrible is the least can be said. It had a good idea but badly acted and directed. Avoid The Ratings: -Entertainment: 40% -Performances: 20% -Direction: 30% -Cinematography/Special effects: 10% -Background Music: 20% -Duration: 60% Overall: 30% ====> 30%

Derek H (ag) wrote: Cutting edge animation. Cool premise for a movie. And for the comedic part, an elephant addicted to heroin. This animation is seriously for the twisted type of person.

Jacob S (nl) wrote: This was a movie I never intended on seeing, but last night, that all changed. I'm not even sure what to say about it. As much as I enjoy Parker Posey and Alan Cumming, it was pretty clear that neither of them really cared while making this movie. In fact, no one seems to have cared. The acting was wooden. The dialogue wasn't believable. And there were too many random segues that didn't really lead to anything and were only there to make the movie look flashy. I didn't really feel any tension during the low point of the movie because there really wasn't anything at stake. And I know that they were trying to make a joke with subliminal messages, but with all of the obvious product placement in this movie, it goes way passed subliminal to rubbing it in your face. Besides the pretty girls and some accidental laughs from Posey and Cumming, I can't really think of anything else worth talking about with regard to this movie. Jennifer, I love you, dear, but now that I've watched this with you, please don't make me watch it again.

Vidar S (nl) wrote: Sterk film om barnevoldtekt.

Monny M (au) wrote: Saw this with the kids. It was boring.

Gary B (gb) wrote: Classic Hitchcock and a rather dishy Sean Connery, winning combo!

Akshay M (nl) wrote: This character study of love and grief is slow and pointless at times but powerful and committed performance from Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy holds a good hand to save this movie.