A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

During a press conference, international star Nina remembers simpler times, flashing back to her days as a maid in a run-down Italian hotel. As a young woman, Nina befriends Contessa Sanziani, an elderly woman who entertains Nina with memories of her vibrant, wealthy life with Count Sanziani. Inspired by her tales of success, young Nina fantasizes about her own adventures and seeks to find the same excitement in her life.

A simple young woman helps eccentric old countess deal with her old age and she introduces the young woman to a world of upper class society. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ivan S (nl) wrote: I hope as many people as possible watch this film. It does us all a great service and does the newspaper industry a timely disservice in reminding it that it should report fact and not fiction, verifiable information and not hearsay, especially when it comes to information that can ruin people's lives. It also reminds us that there is a process of law in the USA that, imperfect as all legal systems are and that justice is, should be allowed to follow its course. There will be people who say that information was misrepresented or facts distorted. Ever point of view has its bias. But when you hear the two attorneys, representing wither side of the bench essentially testifying that there was a miscarriage of justice, to such a point that the judge in the case was removed from the case, then you know that there is more to this story than just the crime. Non-one is arguing that a crime was committed, the accused himself admits to a felony. The issue is the application of justice and that so much of this has not been reported on in a responsible way by the mainstream press. Excellent documentary: slow but deliberate, biased but informative, honest but shocking.

Aeema F (ru) wrote: cant wait to see it

Madeleine C (es) wrote: This movie was so bad it was hilarious. Everyone in it was too stupid to live. (Fortunately, most of them didn't.) The fact that they kept calling the monster "the left hand of Seth" when it was *obviously* based on Anubis kept throwing me off. I guess Set isn't that scary, though. He's a sort of... anteater thing. Also, they really need to hire a puppeteer with better standards. Every time the thing moved I burst out laughing. In conclusion, Morena Baccarin is hot.

Joseph B (mx) wrote: The subject lies between being worrisome and depressing.

Kevin C (mx) wrote: One of the best pregnancy movie

Audrey K (es) wrote: I`m not a kid , i have pubis hair !

Blais E (ag) wrote: Perversely-witty and screamingly-funny black comedy with dumpy, schlumpy Paul Bartel (The film's director-) and the long-and-lupine, lusciously-lean cult-fave Mary Woronov as Paul and Mary Bland, an overly-virtuous, sexless couple who inadvertently become mixed-up with the kinky, underground swinging-sex scene of the seedier environs of L.A., but find an imaginative, yet murderous way to use it to their own advantage (Luring the over-sexed scum that frequent the adult personal ads of the local smut-rags to their apartment, killing them, and looting their money and valuables-). Eventually, Chicano hustler Raoul (Robert Beltran) stumbles upon their lucrative scheme, and wants in on the action, to the Blands' chagrin, so they must come up with a desperate plan to remove him from their situation... Clever and funny, with a lot of recognizable comic actors (Buck Henry, Edie McClurg, Ed Begley, Jr., Allan Rich, Hamilton Camp, Richard Paul-) also on board, but the film really belongs to Bartel and Woronov--they have superb chemistry together, and he acquits himself nicely as likable schlemiel Paul, and Woronov's unforced sensuality and seductive beauty are a pleasure to watch. A delightfully-disturbed little treasure!

Michel R (br) wrote: One of the best horror movies I ever saw.